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Hi I'm Hyeson

I'm a foodie, a pianist, a hospital administrator, a teacher, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife and a mother. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My family joined the Church when I was almost nine, in another country, mere two weeks before we immigrated to the US. My parents are true modern-day pioneers, and they are my heroes. They had a lot of faith to make such huge changes in their lives - change religion and leave their homeland. And they did it all for my siblings and me - so we could grow up in a place with more opportunities for education. Because of my parents' sacrifices, my siblings and I are successful and have had wonderful educational experiences, which for me included competitive piano study, and attending a private boarding school (on full scholarship) and an Ivy League university. I am married to a wonderful husband, and we have a beautiful, brilliant daughter and another child on the way. I resigned from my full-time career as a health care executive to raise our daughter and have not looked back. I really thought that change would be more traumatic for me than it was, especially since I had advanced enough in my career to enjoy the benefits of a large salary and perks. Once I held my daughter in my arms, though, I couldn't imagine parting with her. We feel fortunate to be in a position where I can stay at home to help raise our children.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I am the happiest and the very best I can be. I find greater meaning in life by studying the teachings of Jesus Christ and applying them in my life. The solutions to life's problems and questions are easily available, and feel I have the keys and tools to be a good parent. I feel my life has a purpose, direction, and positive impact. My parents had a lot of faith to let me (and subsequently my sister) leave the comforts of home to attend a boarding school hundreds of miles away. What helped me to stay on the right path when my parents weren't around was knowing that Heavenly Father loved me and watched over me. I wanted to follow Christ's example and live in such a way that the light of Christ would shine through me. It wasn't always easy. High school is a difficult time to stand on your own, and it was no different for me in a boarding school. Although it would have been easy to get in trouble, I avoided it, because I knew there would be blessings for the righteous choices I made. I suppose my parents realized that the Church's teachings would be good tools for our family! I had many opportunities in my youth and young adult life to fall away from the Church and make very different choices. Of course, there are things I wish I could have done better, but I always knew that being a Mormon was part of my identity, who I was, and who I wanted to become. During my own validation of my faith in my twenties, I realized how much I value and treasure my membership in this Church. The Church is full of wonderful people, but none are perfect. Despite our shortcomings, I appreciate that we all still have the opportunity to repent, get better, and receive the blessings that God promises us for our faithfulness because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. The fact that each new day is a day for us to "do over" and become better really helps me maintain hope and optimism and motivates me to do better.

How I live my faith

I currently work with the young women of our ward (congregation), ages 12-13. They are a great bunch of girls, and still at an age where they listen to adults! I try to have fun with them, but more than anything, want them to learn how precious they are to Heavenly Father, and how divine they are. When I am with them, I try to reinforce the spiritual teachings with practical applications, so they realize that living the way Christ teaches is possible, even in this world where there are increasing temporal, immoral, and materialistic influences. I have had a chance to serve in other ways - fellowshipping the youth and other women; organizing social events for Church; sharing my musical talent; and teaching children, youth, and adults. Through these opportunities, I learned compassion, time management, humility, and stewardship - characteristics that have helped me in other areas of my life, including my career. I always had a difficult time talking with people outside of my faith about being a Mormon. I felt very incompetent to represent the Church and its teachings properly. However, I am getting better. I realized it's not always necessary to have all the answers right then, and sharing what I know to be true and helpful to me makes me happy. I feel it's my obligation to share something that makes me happy and fulfilled with others; they all deserve to be happy, too.