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Hi I'm Abe

I'm an underwriter. I'm a wrestler. I love the outdoors. I'm a husband and father. I love playing the piano, and... I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in Los Angeles, California, lived in Logan, Utah for a few years, and have lived in Phoenix, Arizona for the past 25 years. I married my beautiful wife Donna in 2002, and we have three awesome sons. I work for an insurance company as an underwriter (risk management). I went to Ironwood High School, served a mission in Portugal, attended Arizona State University, and I just finished my Masters Degree in Business Administration from Grand Canyon University, and will now be taking a break from school. I love to go camping, but it is something that I don't get to do as often as I'd like. I love wrestling. I wrestled in high school and really enjoyed that. I am interested MMA sports of all kinds, but I don't really follow any particular fighters specifically. Other than that, I live a pretty normal life I'd say. I taught myself to play the piano and I absolutely love to play. I love to spend time with friends and family and try to enjoy life's simple pleasures. And I absolutely love being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon).

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised a Mormon. During my childhood, I only have fond memories of being raised LDS. I had great friends and was a happy child altogether. The Mormon community in which I was involved was always a pillar of strength for me as I grew up through my teenage years, and when it came time for me to decide whether or not to serve as a Mormon missionary, the choice was easy. I served my mission in Portugal, a small country next to Spain in Western Europe. It was a joy. I loved my time there, the experiences I had, and the people. I hope to return and visit there someday. During my time in Portugal, I was faced with common religious questions that many of us face throughout our lives. Why was I here? What is the purpose of life? What is the point of all this? My faith in Jesus Christ was solidified as I shared the story of my faith. Of all the various religions I have ever come in contact with, the Mormon faith has provided the best answers to these basic questions. The only answers that truly make any sense. Living my life in accordance to the teachings of Jesus Christ has brought me the greatest joy, peace, and sense of fulfillment of a greater purpose, than anything else I have experienced. While, it is difficult sometimes, and certainly faith continues to be a requirement in God's plan, I can say that I know this is the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. My personal experiences in my life are my evidences of that, and enduring faithfully throughout my life in this effort, keeping the commitments I have made along the way, is my goal.

How I live my faith

In my ward (local congregation), I have been currently asked to serve as the Assistant Ward Mission Leader. I oversee the missionary efforts in geographic ward area. I work closely with other leaders in our ward and the full-time missionaries assigned to our area. I love working in this capacity. It is great to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ change the lives of people. It is fun to work with the missionaries as it brings back fond memories of when I was a missionary. I have held various callings (or assignments) throughout my life. I have worked with the young men and with the Boy Scouts of America, I have taught Sunday school classes for both adults and children, and I have been an instructor for the young men in preparation for a full-time mission. I also take part making regular visits to other members of the ward on a monthly basis to help ensure all needs are being met in their families (generally, this is something in which everyone takes part). On a personal level, I try to live in such a way that will always reflect a positive light on myself, my family, my ward, and Jesus Christ. I want people who meet me to develop high opinions of Mormons because they've met me. I want people to be drawn to the Gospel by the things that I say and do. I want to be a good person.

What do Mormons believe is the purpose of life?

This is one of my favorite questions. While there are so many ideas about why we are who we are and why we exist, only one of those ideas is true. There is a Creator. He is the Creator of this world and everything in it. He also created us. He is our Father. Like our own parents, our Father in Heaven has a plan for us. He wants us to become like him. In order to do so, we must pass through the experiences we each have and share on Earth and learn to exercise our freedom of choice to choose between good and evil. The Jesus Christ and the teachings He has given us (His Gospel) show us what choices will lead us to develop and become like our Heavenly Father. Before we were born on this Earth, we existed in a spiritual state in Heaven with our Heavenly Father. Upon being born on Earth, we gained a physical body that united with our spirit. Much of what we need to learn while on Earth is to exercise control over our physical bodies and use them in the way our Heavenly Father intended. As we do so, we will be given the opportunity to have families of our own, and introduce more of our Father's children into the world to progress, just as we are. As we follow the plan of our Heavenly Father, we will become more like him. We will be able to have eternal families and exist and progress forever. Our life on this Earth is just one of the steps involved in becoming like our Father. That is our purpose. Show more Show less