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Hi I'm Greg

I love to sing. I never stop reading. I sell thousands of Tuff Sheds. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born on a U.S. Navy base in Japan. I tell people that is why I'm so short. My family moved to Southern California, where I grew up in what was then (in my opinion) a paradise. My non-school time was spent playing every conceivable sport ... and body surfing. My parents both joined the church as teenagers. I have GREAT parents! Couldn't ask for better. They still live in the same house in Southern Cal. I served a full-time mission for my church in southern Germany and western Austria. My wife and I both speak fluent German - which, in fact, is how we met. My wife and I have four children - three girls and a boy. Talking, singing, playing games, going on occasional "adventures" is what we enjoy most. At every opportunity, I sing a high 1st tenor in choirs and in men's a capella groups. Up until recently, I was lead singer in a band that played classic rock ... for no one in particular (the band was called "Nick & the Mid-Life Crisis"). I work for a company called TUFF SHED (they like their name in ALL CAPS). I am the Director of their Home Depot Division. For my job I travel all over the country. Because our products sell best in rural areas, I'll bet I've been to a bunch of places you've never even heard of! (Every heard of Houma, Louisiana? That's the #1 shed store in the U.S.!!) Life is good . . .

Why I am a Mormon

Sunday is my favorite day of the week. I can turn off my cell phone and focus completely on those things that matter most to me - my family, my friends and my faith. Every Sunday, I come away strengthened and energized for the coming week. This is because of the good, good people in my ward. They care about me, and I for them. They teach me, and sometimes I teach them (Note: There is no single designated person who gives the sermon or teaches the classes - we all teach other the best we can from our own experiences). Within this atmosphere of love and mutual desire to share "best practices" from life, I always - without fail - feel the Spirit of our Heavenly Father. When that happens, I'm the best me I can be . . . and I'm ready for another week. Isn't that what a visit to church is supposed to do? But it doesn't stop there. Being a member of the church means that my family, my friends in the ward and I are expected to APPLY the teachings of Jesus Christ in our everyday lives. Who we are and what we do at home, at work, with our neighbors - especially when someone has a genuine need - is, I think, the true test of one's religion. And let me tell you that it is astonishing the degree to which our ward members serve and help in ways both big and small. They have served people inside and outside of our faith . . . with a meal, a hug, a listening ear, a babysitter, a lawn unexpectedly mowed, a "priesthood blessing" and with the comforting word of God. These very real and substantial things - being surrounded by people who truly try their best to live Christian lives plus doctrine that feeds my soul - make up the foundation for my unwavering love for and belief in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

The most important place for me to practice my faith is in my own home. How I treat my wife and how I, side-by-side with her, lead and teach my children are the most important things to me in the world. My job and my work in the church, although certainly important, pale in comparison to who I am and what I do when I'm with my family. My goal is always to give the best I have to give to them. My best creativity, my best teaching, my best leadership, my best mentoring, my best friendship. That can be hard, and I find that I have to consciously choose to do this everyday. I'm grateful to belong to a church that encourages me to make that decision everyday. I am also the "bishop" of our "ward." This means that I am the leader of our local congregation. All leaders in our church work on a volunteer basis. I have a full time job (see "About Me" above), so life can get pretty busy. I will serve in this position for a limited time and will gladly support the next bishop of our ward after my service is done. Truth be told, I love serving as bishop. I'm happy to give my time to what I believe is a "good work." I have the opportunity to get to know just about everyone in our ward in a deeper, more meaningful way than I otherwise could. I'm also aware of both the challenges our members have ... and the incredible service they render every single day. I also get to know others in our community who are not members of our church but share a common desire to do good. As bishop, I have a special responsibility to the teenagers of our ward (we call them "Young Men" and "Young Women"). I believe this responsibility extends to the younger children as well. I consciously try to get to know each one of them, have fun with them, teach them and mentor them to the best of my ability. We do all we can to prepare them to be successful in their future lives - to know how to teach, lead, serve, etc. They are, in my opinion, an impressive bunch.