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Hi I'm Devin

You guessed it. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My family is my wife, her sister over whom we are guardians, our two sons, and a legion of cats. I have lived in Oregon, California, Arizona, Florida, and Texas. My favorite hobbies are reading literary fiction, watching pro basketball (Boston Celtics) and college football (Oregon Ducks and Baylor Bears), cooking for my family, and discovering new music. My current favorite genres include: the whole spectrum of punk rock sub-genres, underground hip-hop, indie-folk and indie-pop, and doom metal. I attended a major university and studied English. I worked in the financial industry as a stock broker. I just graduated from law school. I like to think I'm well-rounded, but I might just be mixed-up.

Why I am a Mormon

I ask myself this a lot. This is an interesting question. Am I a Mormon because I had parents who essentially converted when I was a kid so it's the faith I'm most at home with? Would I have been or become a Mormon if I'd been raised in a different family? I'm not entirely sure, but I hope so. I guess it doesn't matter because here we are. I do believe in God. I believe in a Heavenly Father and a Heavenly Mother who show me their love through: comfort and peace; very timely inspiration; the bestowal of talents; and most of all, the gift of their Son, Jesus Christ. His life is a clinic in living kindly and purposefully for others. I cannot physically be grateful enough for His sacrifice for me and us all. I'm trying to be more grateful though. My faith is a growing and evolving one. The more I understand about my religion, the more I believe that it is led by a prophet, and that prophet often receives inspiration to guide the world, and uses his wisdom for the rest. I'm not always in agreement with everything the Church does or proclaims, but to whom else shall I go? Here are the words of eternal life. So, we'll keep working through the rest together, I suppose. I also find comfort in the hope of eternal marriage. I find comfort in what we call the Priesthood Authority, which has allowed me to be of great service in blessing my brothers and sisters, both in healing them and by being a conduit through which they receive personal revelation applicable to their lives. Ultimately, I believe that my life is tremendously better because I am a Mormon. Life can still be hard and I can still be flawed, but I think I know myself well enough to see where I would be without it all. The Church has led me to a strong devotion to and relationship with my God. Moreover, I have had numerous experiences that have confirmed my belief. If you'd like to hear about them, I'd be glad to share a few. Otherwise, just know that I am bonehead who is disproportionately blessed.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by being kind to people. I try to see them as God sees them and to love them (and myself) in spite of personal faults. I live my faith by pondering on the implications of my faith in Christ and the religion I espouse. I try to help make the church be a more welcoming place. Most of my friends now aren't Mormons. Generally they seem to come away with a more positive view of our people, specifically that we aren't giant weirdos. A lot of the time, I don't live my faith. I'm pretty flawed, honestly. I sin constantly, but I'm trying to become more like Christ through my modicum of effort and His grace.