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Hi I'm Valiant Chapman

I was born in New Mexico. I love, to laugh,and make others laugh. I'm always happy, and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I used to live in CO when I was six years old till I was almost fifteen. During that time I was a potato farmer and it was hard work but the best part of it all was I got to work closely with my Dad and together we learned how to understand and work with each other. When we moved to NM I was just beginning high school for as long as I can remember I never really had any good friends and I had prayed long and hard all of my life to have those friends you only hear about. well just when I started school God had finally answered my prayer and blessed me with two friends who have helped me through the toughest of trails and lifted me higher then I could have ever done myself. Well that was a little about myself, but to better describe myself I am just a normal guy.... well I guess that is not what others would describe me as. I love to act out movies but I have never had the time to preform in one. I like to go out and just have good clean fun as long as it is with friends and family.

Why I am a Mormon

I chose to be a member since I was the age of eight. Both of my parents are members but they wanted me to really know what i was doing when I got baptized so I was taught by the missionaries. They told me how important it was and how it was done. They also taught how the authority of God was brought back. Well of course I was only a kid at the time but I knew that I was and am a child of God, and that to make Him happy I must keep the commandments, and that included being baptized. The reason why I am still a member is because I have found it to be 100% true. How I learned this truth was not by some angel coming down and telling me " the Mormons are the right one" I simply lived the gospel it teaches. I read the Book of Mormon like Moroni 10:4-5 tells us how to read it and then studied it out for myself. I did not ask my parents how they know this is the one and only living Church of Jesus Christ on the earth. I found it myself and only by oneself can you find it, no one else can find it for you.

How I live my faith

How I am living my faith right now is by going on a mission for two years. On a mission I can share this Gospel with everyone so they to can fill of the joy, peace, and happiness it brings. I help people who do not know where to find Jesus Christ and teach them. I have seen miracles happen as someone accepts this glad message. This is my whole mission in life is to help other to find happiness. I know that you can only find everlasting happiness In this Church. Besides all of that I strive everyday to be better than what I already am. I can not just be satisfied for staying the same sinful state but to overcome it all. This Gospel allows you to do that, to always improve and gives you the desire to want to make changes.

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

Valiant Chapman
Yes, We believe that he is called of God to be a prophet. Is it hard to believe that this man is a true prophet? My answer to that yes it was at first, but God gave us ways to know who his prophets are. It is by the Holy Ghost that we know of truth and anytime that The Prophet today speaks you can feel the truth in his words. I also have found comfort in a statment that a previous latter-day prophet said" If I were to attempt to lead away God's church he would remove me from my place" Well that was not an exact quet but you get the point. I know that The Prophet today, Thomas S. Monson, is God's spokesman and that what he tells us is the truth and that it is from God. Show more Show less