What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Jessenia

I'm a Sunday school teacher, a devoted mother, wife and daughter. I'm artistic, optimistic and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hello there, I'm Jessie! A little about me; I am a 37 year old Latina, mother of two teenage Boy Scouts that keep me busy! I was previously divorced, but recently married (after 10 long years). I was finally swept away by a fascinating man, well worth the wait. I am currently working in the legal field, but wish to pursue my passion for the arts; especially photography which, my husband loves just as much. I enjoy reading, writing, singing, teaching in church, meditating, yoga, dancing, traveling and facebooking... I am blessed, and I know it!

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because at the age of 13, my parents and I lived in Salinas, Puerto Rico; and we were visited by missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We were invited to attend their church meetings and listen to their message. After the very first lesson, my father immediately knew, that this message was in fact from God and convinced me of it's truth. My father wasn't very far from being a "bible scholar", for he read his scriptures daily, and I knew he wouldn't be easily convinced. During this time, I was preparing for my catholic confirmation and also taking the LDS lessons. I remember clearly the many questions arising in my heart and mind. Why was it necessary to baptize babies? Weren't their hearts pure? What happens when we die? Can families be together again? My sister had died in an automobile accident about a year prior to this. Would my life at home ever be a happy one again? The missionaries answered my questions and I felt an undeniable feeling inside that testified of the truth behind those simple answers. My life would never be the same...we found HOPE, FAITH and yes, HAPPINESS, even in the most challenging times.

How I live my faith

After having survived and experienced many hardships early on, during my adulthood (more family loss and divorce); and feeling that my journey had taken on a totally different path than that which I had planned for myself; I learned that, my faith and my membership to the church, were not to be divided from my lifestyle. They were meant to be as much, a part of it. No one can live on the fence for long. When I realized that I needed the Saviors love and help every minute of every hour, not just on Sundays, I developed a relationship with Him that truly turned my life around. When this idea finally clicked, and I put to practice all that I had learned in the church throughout my life, I had a spiritual awakening. My symptoms of depression, worthlessness and anxiety were shooed away and replaced by a sweet personal testimony of Heavenly Father's LOVE. I realized that what I had found at 13, was still very much alive in me. That all I had to do was seek within to find the tools that would help me heal my life. I had been given a gift long ago, and had finally come around to open it. I now have my own testimony of the truthfulness of the church and no longer live on borrowed light; although I am eternally grateful to mom and dad for pointing me in the right direction. Today, I am a teacher in the ward and have made the gospel the center of my life. The Savior designed the church to help families, heal lives, and this is what it has done for me. "Happiness is a CHOICE." My family is coming together nicely, and when I need answers to questions that still arise, I KNOW just where to find them.

What is the Law of Chastity?

Chastity is a principle of POWER and SELF-MASTERY...Keeping the law of chastity brings safety, happiness, peace, and self-respect. It also deepens married LOVE and protects FAMILIES. Breaking this law is serious. But those who have broken it, can find FORGIVENESS and PEACE through repentance and obedience. Show more Show less

Why is family so important to Mormons?

Happy families are the strength of each community. The stronger the families, the stronger society. The stronger society the better the world! Families are the very core of humanity, and sadly, the main target of the adversary. We believe only the Savior, Jesus Christ, can build up families that can make the world a better place, and withstand the test of time! Show more Show less