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Hi I'm Alan

I'm a Chaplain Assistant in the US Army. I love serving in whatever capacity I am in be it Army, church or just living.

About Me

I am happy to say that I have been a Mormon longer than I haven't. Three years after being baptized I went on a mission to the Fiji Islands. I had little knowledge about the gospel but I knew serving a mission is where I belonged and I knew I was doing what God wanted to me to. In time my knowledge grew and so did my testimony. I am now a Chaplain Assistant serving in the US Army. I joined the Army at the age of 39 because it was my dream since I was 16. It took me that long to finally join the Army because I allowed life to take me away from my dream. I realize now though that I needed to experience that side of life so that I can be the person I am today. Yes, there are things I wish I had never experienced and didn't know, but I do and I need to live with it and see them as blessings and not cursings. I got married at the age of 41. That was definately not in my life's plan! I am happy to be married but it isn't easy. At that age I had many habits of a single man that a married man shouldn't have. We are unable to have children but that hasn't discouraged us because we know that Heavenly Father will provide us with the blessing of having a family through adoption. In the mean time we have a dog, Woody who is like a child at times with his constant need of attention.

Why I am a Mormon

I realize it is easy to get caught up with wanting to "see" some sort of proof that something or someone is real before we will believe. I was blessed that I didn't need to know or see that this gospel is real and that it is the gospel of Jesus Christ. A part of me knew it instantly that night when my Mormon friend didn't participate in the party we attended . I knew whatever he knew was my way out of the darkness I was living in. The very next day I expressed my interest in learning more about this Mormon church. It didn't take long to set up an appointment with the Missionaries. I took the first lesson and for whatever reason I never met up with the them again. I moved to a nearby town and one day at work the Missionaries called me and asked if I was still interested. I said yes. They told me where to meet them. When the day came to meet with them I didn't go. I was scared about the changes I would need to make and I didn't know it I could do it. The Missionaries called me again and asked if I was still interested and I said yes and they told me where to meet. Again I didn't go. They called again and asked if I was still interested and I said yes again. They told me I knew where to meet. This time I went and all of my fears were put to rest. I wasn't going to have to make those changes on my own. The Church is organized in a way that the members were there to support me and encourage me. I couldn't have made it this far without them. More importatly I wouldn't be writing this if it wasn't for a loving Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ that saved me when I needed it most. Because of the Gosple of Jesus Christ I now live in a Light that I never knew existed. I never knew that life could be so wonderful and peaceful. I still have my challenges but they are easier to deal with now that I have the help of Heaven. All of those times that I felt alone I was wrong. I have never been alone and I will never be alone because I am loved.

How I live my faith

I have heard many say that the Mormon Church tells people how to live and if you don't live up to their standards than you are kicked out. And if you do live the standards then you are being forced to or controlled. Either way you lose. I am here to say that I live the Mormon standards I do because I CHOOSE to! It was the standards of the Church that drew me to it. Finally someone gave me a standard to live up to. Finally someone showed me how to live a happier life. I was shown what is good for me and what is not good for me physically. I was challeneged to live a better life that I had always wanted to life, I just never knew how. A great blessing that my job as a Chaplain Assistant as given me is to work with people of other faiths. I have to admit that I wasn't sure how we were all going to work together with so many different faiths, but we are doing it. We all work together for a common cause: to promote community unity. I am very impressed with how we can all work together and not allow religion be a dividing factor. We all work together to creat activities to bring the local military community together. I have the job of making the purchases for these actitities. I love it! As members of this church and as members of the human race we are all connected. We all have one Thing in common: we are children of a loving Heavenly Father. For this reason I have the job to work with the men in my ward or congregation and support them as they visit families that they have been given visiting responsibilities over. It was this organization that kept me in the church when I first joined. I now get to participate in an organization that cares for its own in love and concern. We all have needs and it wasn't meant that we should deal with them alone. I serve because I have been served and because I love those whom I serve.