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Hi I'm James

I grew up in the U.S. and am currently residing in Australia I work in the food and beverage industry and I am a mormon.

About Me

As a young man in my early twenties I was a screenwriter sustaining myself working in the restaurant business. As my passion and talents diminished creatively my opportunities widened elsewhere and I followed those pathways toward promotions in the food and beverage industry in Las Vegas Nevada. Although this seemed to be a reasonable avenue to success many spiritual and philosophical questions were either left unanwsered or anwsered inadaquately.This lingering fascination caused me to examine the various religions of my friends and closest associates. I then concluded that these doctrines were arrived at by study of the source material I'm of course speaking of The Holy Bible. This book transformed my borderline agnostic beliefs into an eventual certainty that God most certainly existed but was by my estimation misrepresented in the christian world. This led to a period in my life in which spirituality rather than religious pursuit consumed my thoughts.It did not take long for this to reveal itself as a mostly vain endeavor and I again was searching for anwsers.No sooner did I continue my quest for a complete and satisfying doctrine I was approached with the question that still echoes in my memory "Have you ever considered becoming a mormon?" The truth was I had considered it scoffingly at best. This question and more specifically the questioner and her sincerity made a familiar presentation shine with a newness that demanded far more consideration than previously given.

Why I am a Mormon

As noted above the sincere and almost timid question, had I ever considered becoming a Mormon was presented to me by a lovely young woman who I later learned had prayed for what is termed in the church "a missionary experience" receiving my name as someone who would be willing to listen to the gospel message but I digress.Now although I considered myself a wise and understanding person striving to lead a christian life my response certainly did not represent me as such. I (without taking any time to consider the proposition) proclaimed that I had never met a Latter Day Saint that appeared to possess anwsers or lifestyle choices that I had not deduced for myself.Coupled with her dejected and yet still pleasant reaction and a few hours to ponder the level of pride I clearly was ensnared by given my response. I found myself in a position in which I had to face that although my knowledge of the said church was primarily based on the heresay of others and my own dismissive misinterpretations I had made an arrogant and conclusive assessment about something i had little knowledge about. Therefore I aimed to change my uneducated state into a more knowledgable dismissal. Accquiring a copy of The Book of Mormon I set out to justify my doubts.Then something very unexpected happened. As I poured over it's 531 pages armed with my deep and abiding love and familiarity with The Bible I noticed the inconsistencies I expected to find were simply not there in fact the two books complimented each other in a way so harmonious that i could only conclude the divinity of the work even though I had set out to disprove it. So there I was holding another testament of Jesus Christ having received by the power of the holy ghost a witness that it's content was inspired with nothing left to do but act.

How I live my faith

Which leads me to how I live my faith. Armed with this unanticipated knowledge that The Book of Mormon is true it did not require an extended leap in logic that it's translator Joseph Smith was indeed a prophet of God. Again I considered it rather elementary that I should allign myself with the organization that claimed such lofty things as to have additional scripture and prophetic leadership so naturally having studied it out in my mind and asking and receiving confirmation in prayer I did just that.As Elder Coon where ever you are can attest the missionarie lessons were mere formalities as quite naturally I embraced the teachings that I knew in my heart mind and soul were inspired and divinely sent. These events were nearly 4 years ago. In this time I have been blessed with countless experiences serving in multiple callings in several wards (or churches) on 2 continents (U.S. and Australia) These experiences have only furthered the light and knowledge originally received by this humble follower of Christ that day not so long ago when I opened that book (The Book of Mormon) to see for myself. I testify to any and all who happen upon these words that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true The Book of Mormon is true Joesph Smith was the prophet of the restoration and Thomas S. Monson leads the church today as a prophet of God. As I have grown in the gospel of Jesus Christ seeking to more closely embody the savior's teachings through righteous living and adherence to the teachings of modern day prophets (Christ being at the head) also humbly observing my fellow Latter Day Saints who are attempting to do the same I grow closer to the savior and prayerfully more in tune with his will concerning me in Jesus Christ's name Amen