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Hi I'm Buddy

I have lived in Texas all of my life. I enjoy backpacking in the mountains. I'm a husband, a father and grandpa. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was a teenager during the decade of the hippies. I'm grateful to my father who encouraged me to make good decisions and to recognize the world as different from the standards that he and Mom were teaching me. He ask me to make a commitment to stay away from drugs and the evils of the day. I made that commitment and I lived it to the best of my ability. I was the oldest of seven siblings. We were raised in another faith. Our parents taught us to believe in God. As I look back on those years, I am grateful for the many lessons that were taught by good men and good women from our former church. They taught me according to their beliefs and encouraged me to stay close to God. My early years were on a farm and I had many chores. In school I was an obedient student and maintained good grades. After I grew up I chose a career in the chemical industry. I retired after 34 years. I had started as a technician and completed my career as the training manager for the site. I'm married. My wife is the love of my life and has given me four wonderful children and they in turn have given me nine marvelous grandchildren. Today we are retired and enjoy traveling. We've been together for more than 40 years and we have enjoyed raising our children. We have a strong testimony of the Savior and of His Church. We are grateful for the responsibilities He has given us in His church. As we look back we have served in many capacities and are appreciative for what we have learned.

Why I am a Mormon

In December 1976 Mormon missionaries knocked on my door. They introduced me to the church and to the gospel of Jesus Christ. They asked me to pray about their message. I feared knowing the truth and refused to ask Heavenly Father if what they were teaching me was true. It certainly seemed like it must be true, but I didn't want to really know because if it was true, it would mean turning away from my past and my upbringing. The missionaries had asked me not to believe them simply because I liked their message. They wanted me to learn for myself from the source of truth. They wanted me to have my own testimony and not lean on theirs. After many questions and overcoming the concern that I was abandoning the church of my parents and my ancestors, I made a decision to pray. In February of 1977 I decided that I absolutely had to know for myself. I remember praying specifically about the Book of Mormon. I already knew that Jesus was my Redeemer, but I had to know if this book was true. Was it really scripture? Was it truly another testament of Christ? I got up one morning and put the missionary's promise to a test. I prayed and received a very powerful confirmation that the Book is true. With that I then also knew that Joseph Smith had to be a true prophet of God. I knew that this church must be true and I knew that God's authority had indeed been restored to the Earth. Once I knew the truth, I wanted to be baptized. Four years afterward my parents were also baptized. I was later sealed to them in the temple. As I look back I can see that I made a righteous decision that affected the lives of many, not just my own. With all my being I know that Christ leads and directs His church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I have tried to live my life more and more in a way that would show my gratitude for His sacrifice. I hope to one day not only have a strong testimony of Him, but to become fully converted to Him as Peter eventually was.

How I live my faith

After baptism I made the commitment that I would always remain on the Lord's side. I wanted to be in His service the rest of my life. I had never felt as grateful for Him as I did then. My testimony has continued to grow and strengthen with the passing of each day. I feel that not only is He my Savior, but He is also my quintessential example. As I have tried to live the gospel, my gratitude for the Savior has increased. I feel that I have always appreciated His sacrifice, but I have come to admire Him and even to adore Him as never before. What I hope for now is to become more like Him. Since joining His church, I have served both as teacher and leader. Each responsibility that I have been given has allowed me to grow and to strengthen my testimony of the Savior and of the Father and of the Plan of Salvation. I am currently "called" to serve as the bishop of our ward. I am the ecclesiastical leader of our congregation. This is such a rewarding responsibility. I feel that I am intimately connected to the many good members. I feel both their joys and their pains as they try to live the commandments of God. I sit in counsel with them and offer words of encouragement. There is no greater feeling than to be an influence for good in the lives of wonderful people. I am often asked by those not of my faith about financial compensation for my role in the church. My response is that the teachings of God cannot and should not be sold for profit. I serve out of love and gratitude for the Lord. I owe my very existence to Him. How can I possibly sell His love, His teachings and His Gospel for financial gain? I love my Savior and I am overwhelmed by His love for me. Try as I may, I find it difficult to live just one perfect day. Our Savior, however, lived a perfect life. Not so much as an impure thought entered His mind. It was imperative that He do so and He did. His motivation was His pure love for us. A love that we should all try to emulate.

Are Mormons Christians?

Mormons are Christians. No other church is more focused on the teachings of the Savior than is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Not only does this church teach of Christ, but vigorously encourages its membership to try and live their lives according to His teachings and His example. We study the Savior's life from several sources. The Old Testament testifies of a coming Messiah. The New Testament testifies that He indeed came and was born in Bethlehem of a pure virgin. He lived a perfect life and died to atone for our sins. The Book of Mormon is simply Another Testament of Christ. It is a history of a people that came from Jerusalem in about 600 BC and continues until their civilization ended between 400 and 500 AD. In it we can read of their hope for a Messiah and later of His visit as a resurrected Lord. We also study from a book called the Doctrine and Covenants. This is a history of God's teachings and revelations during the current dispensation of time. As His people, we have been given the charge to prepare the world for the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. We do that by developing our love and our testimonies of Him, by strengthening the testimonies of our membership and by sharing our urgent message with those that the Lord has prepared and guided us to teach. The perfect definition of a Christian can be found in the lives of many of our good members. I wish it could be found in the lives of all. Show more Show less