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Hi I'm Jeanette

I love crazy dancing with my kids. My husband and my dog think I'm a rock star. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

At age 9, my mom said to me "I wish I had six of you". It was a compliment because I was helping her clean the house. So what does that say about the other six REAL siblings we had laying around? Hmmm.....ha ha ha. I enjoy a good laugh. The truth is they all out work me, even now. But wasn't that nice my mom built me up? Because of this example I love people and try to think the best of them. I believe in hugs. I believe in being honest and sometimes.....I think its okay to be a party pooper. Yes, I said it. You are allowed down time. And we still need to love and allow it in others as well. I believe in seeing the bigger picture and boy doesn't that help? I love that I plant a seed and then get to pluck a big red tomato! Amazing that that just came out of the ground!!! I love this earth life!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because all the puzzle pieces fit together and the whole picture emerges! I love even the negative slant some people give us because the tree that grows the best fruit has the most rocks thrown at it. bring it baby! Did not the Savior get the same treatment? Yeah. I love that the Holy Spirit does speak to each soul out there and gives each person guaranteed 100% pure knowledge (a testimony) that the Book of Mormon is true. It is second to the Bible in testifying that Jesus is the Christ and he is the only way back. I love that his saving of souls is retro and reaches back to the trillions who walked this earth and had never heard of him. Even little babies and children who died before they were baptized are saved. they are not cast off. This doctrine is pure and I wish to shout it from the roof tops. The same blessings reach every man, woman, and child of the human race. Praise be to God, no one was left out. Contact missionaries and ask how that makes any sense.

How I live my faith

I go to the part of the church where the age 3 and under kids hang out. And for two hours every Sunday I get to be slobbered on and scratched and told I can't talk on the fake cell phones (I am new there and one little 2 year old doesn't like me much, ha!). She came up and turned off my fake cell phone as I was trying to make a call. I live my faith by forgiving others and looking at their situations to help me have patience. I live my faith by trying to be a better wife and trying to be a good mom. I can tell my devotion to my Savior by the way I am treating the people who I am around almost 24/7. That is the true test. If my teenager hasn't run off for good--but he really wants to....I know I am teaching and living by my faith.

Why don’t Mormons have paid clergy?

How many Mormons are there? millions. And how do so many march to the beat of the same drum? Why is it you can go to Canada, Russia, the Phillipines, or Utah and the same lessons are being taught? Humans & churches don't normally act this unified. How do we get the members to sync up like that-- conintually...for decades? Here is my answer. It is one soul covenanted to one Jesus and he holds the reigns and He directs each person and that person stands with millions of others and they are connected to him through their faith and prayers. No, we are not zombies, or the Borg. But at first glance we may seem like a cookie cutter bunch. We may seem all the same. But the only thing that is the same is the light within. at closer look, you'll see the beautiful colors of human variety in each person. the church-- down to the very smallest child, is taken care of. Jesus is the answer and especially the testimony that is born to each person that this is His gospel and once that is known...we toss out our ideas of how to run a program. This church is not a man made church. it was Restored by the Savior himself, and it shows. Oh! I didn't even answer the question: No paid clergy...The blessings of serving in the church are so big....money is nothing. we don't get paid and yet we all stick around and do our jobs tirelessly for years and years till we are worn out and bent over. And we LOVE IT! Again...the blessings are incredible. Show more Show less