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Hi I'm Leigh Ann

I’m a married, stay-at-home, homeschooling mom. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have been a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and lived in the United States, all of my life. Especially since being married in 2006, I have traveled all over the continental US. I graduated college from Southern Virginia University at the age of 23 where I majored in Liberal Arts and English. During my second year there, I met the wonderful man who is now my husband. He proposed on the day I graduated - 8 days after he returned from a 2 year Mission to Fresno, CA. A few months later, we were married for eternity in the Louisville, KY Temple. My husband and I currently have 4 amazing little men. Taking care of their needs, as well as homeschooling them, takes up most of my time. However, I have a great love for and desire to serve others as well. Since May 2009, my husband, his brother and sister-in-law, and I have been working on setting up a Non-Profit Organization - which became official March 2012. Its purpose is to make the world a better place through "Life Levels" (a self-development system focused on improving individual human nature), "Light of Ar" (a novel instilled with eternal truths), and "Nuahrnar" (an intentional community). I strongly believe that every individual has the infinite potential to become like God. He can assist us in doing so through our specific and unique life mission. I’m striving to live mine every day as I endeavor to seek his will for me and follow him.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents are both Mormon converts, so I was born into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But, that’s not why I’m a Mormon. While living at home, as long as I was a good girl and did what I was supposed to, things were pretty easy. I realized that nothing ever really changed for me. In retrospect, what I didn’t know then was that this lack of change was a sign that I was either progressing very slowly, or not at all. But God knew the perfect way to give me the chance to change. As I began trying to decide which college to attend, I gathered all the information I could. However, relying on my own mind to figure out where to go soon became overwhelming. But God knew where I needed to be. A flier came in the mail from Southern Virginia University, a college I had never heard of. From the flier I learned that SVU’s student body was 95% LDS. But that wasn’t enough to base my decision off of. So I called SVU to find out more. When I did, they offered to send me an application, as well as a video about SVU. I told them, Why not? I was accumulating information about every other college. What difference would one more make? When I received the information from SVU in the mail, I watched the video and began filling out the application. Although there was little difference between them, the other applications had been difficult for me to work on, while the one from SVU was easy for me to complete and turn in. Shortly afterward, I received my acceptance letter. God prepared the perfect situation that would lead me to attending SVU. The other applications I began to fill out, I never finished. It’s hard to explain, but I never really chose to attend SVU. God chose for me. Attending SVU was the beginning of a great spiritual turning point in my life. The experiences I had there helped me to start developing a testimony of God and his gospel of truth, which continues to grow today. I know he is real, and I know that you can know, too!

How I live my faith

I could talk about how I live my faith externally – the things I do that others can see. But, I believe that true faith is an internal virtue. It is much less about doing than it is about becoming. I know that I am a daughter of God. I know that he loves me. I know he wants the best for me. Because I know these things, I strive every day to strengthen and develop my relationship with him. The simple way to explain how I do this is to say that I try to pray always, consistently study God’s words and seek personal revelation (divine guidance) through the Holy Spirit. Through these simple practices, God has taught me many things about myself, others, and his gospel. He leads me along, helping me keep my eternal goals in focus. When worldly things threaten to distract me, God encourages me to look at everything in its proper perspective – always centered on him. As I focus on strengthening and developing myself internally and spiritually, I see more progression externally. Although I may experience trials, God helps me to get through them – showing me what I need to learn from them. He is not only my temporal provider, but my spiritual provider as I strive to submit my will to his. Life may seem hard at times, but with God, everything is so much easier. He knows what we want and what is best for us. If we are willing to give up anything and everything to him, God can shape us into who and what he wants us to become.