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Hi I'm Ted

I'm a Mormon. I market high-tech products, produce a lot of videos and have five kids.

About Me

First of all, I have five wonderful kids--from 6 to 19 and am recently re-married. My oldest boy is on a mission in Brazil. My two oldest are Eagle Scouts, both play the piano (over 10 years of lessons), and both were leaders in their high school band (clarinet). My next (13) says he's going to be in the Olympics (gymnastics) and then I have two beautiful girls. I've been fortunate work wise and have lucked out with some great opportunities--as a VP at GE, a Sr. VP at Motorola, a VP at Harcourt, formed Red Storm with Tom Clancy, launched Netscape and have launched over 400 high-tech products for over 150 companies (Microsoft, HP, Adobe, Disney, Sony, Autodesk, IBM, plus a lot more). Now I do high tech market consulting out of my home--a 20 foot commute... and the best thing--I'm home for my kids each day! I also produce videos (over 120 so far). Some are community (schools, 4th of July, church (LDS and Catholic)), a lot of personal favors (weddings, 15th, 16 and 40th birthdays), but mainly corporate videos (3M, Dell, GE, Motorola, etc.). One was shown to the King of Saudia Arabia and another to the US Congress. My son even got into it and helped pay for his mission with his videos (animated family photo videos). Right now, I just try to keep up with all the kids "Fun Things to Do List." This summer we swam in the lake, went through caves, tubed down the Guadalupe river, planted flowers, saw the bats, and helped one son complete his Eagle Scout.

Why I am a Mormon

My grandfather was a Pentecostal minister and published books for theological colleges. My mom grew up "afraid" of God and wanted us to find something different. We went to the Baptist, Catholic, Presbyterian, Lutheran, and several other churches--looking, but nothing stuck. The missionaries knocked on our door on Easter day and we let them in. My sister and I were baptized (my mom never did--couldn't give up her martini's and cigarettes). Although she will still say she's a Mormon--but she thinks of the practical things, not so much the spiritual. She liked that all the dads brought their families to church, instead of staying home and watching football. I was 10 and my sister was 11, and we just "liked it." It wasn't until I was in high school that I really understood what it was about. I could relate to the young boy Joseph and his search. I then learned a lot more, read the scriptures (including the New Testament and the Book of Mormon) and asked Heavenly Father if what I was learning was correct. The answer came while on my knees in the form of a warm peaceful feeling, something clicked and I knew. I have never looked back. I was an active teenage Christian youth, introduced one of my teachers to the gospel and baptized her two weeks later (I was a young "priest" and had the authority). Her family also joined. Later, I served a mission to New Zealand (from 19 to 21 years old). I kept having additional experiences that confirmed my testimony that Heavenly Father loved me, Jesus was the Messiah, and that we had a living prophet as part of the restoration. I've served in dozens of church callings. I love my Heavenly Father, the perfect example of His only begotten son, and the blessings that come into my life as I follow His teachings. I introduced a lady who was in Peru to the gospel, she felt a spark and investigated--then she accepted baptism-2 years ago. She is now my wife! Life is good!

How I live my faith

The Lord helps polish and teach us by giving us church responsibilities. I've served as the President of the Elders (adult males who hold the "priesthood"), a Ward Mission Leader (4 times), a Ward Clerk (a ward is similar to a Parish), a Ward Employment Specialist, a Gospel Doctrine Teacher, Executive Secretary, Nursery Teacher, and a teacher (14, 16, Gospel Essentials, Teacher Development), a Cub Master, 11 Year Old Scout Leader, and the list goes on. It doesn't matter what I do--I just do my best and help out and I'm happy to accept whatever the Lord thinks I should do at the time. I try to set a good example. Mainly to my family--since they know what I'm "really" like. I figure if I am good around them, I'm probably a good example around others. I have a demanding job, but it is nothing compared to being a dad. I have struggled as a single dad (for the last three years) and have felt overwhelmed by the responsibility to be good, firm, established discipline but not be mean. Their mom was better at this--but she's not here anymore. My new wife is wonderful--it is exciting to be able to work together and have someone to plan with again to get these kids where they need to be. I am well known in my work, but it is NOTHING compared to my work at home. I still feel overwhelmed, but I love my wonderful kiddos--and I try to learn from my own Father in Heaven.

What is faith?

I think that faith is when we believe something and then, sometimes immediately and sometimes later, we see "results." Our faith is "increased" when we believe and then see these results--evidence that the Lord knows us and will help us. For example, when I was a young missionary in New Zealand I borrowed another missionaries bike. My companion and I locked our bikes using his opened lock. When we came back I realized I hadn't gotten his password. So, in faith--I turned the dial to the right and stoped when I felt the Holy Ghost, turned it around to the left until I felt the Holy Ghost, and then turned it back to the right. I stopped when I felt the Holy Ghost... and opened the lock. Then smiled. It was a very simple exercise of faith, but through this simple means I understood how the Lord watches over us for big and little things. The result--my faith that he would continue watching over me increased. I've had similar things happen at different times... and the Lord continues to remind me that He is there, which increases my faith and reliance and willingness to follow His loving counsel. Show more Show less

Why are Mormons asked to donate 10% of their income to their Church?

Tithing is one of the few commandments where the Lord actually asks us to test him. So I did. When I was saving for my mission (missionaries pay their own way--they do not get paid) as a young man I worked at Shasta Bottling company. I was hired to sort bottles for cleaning. I made $5.10 an hour--which was great, since the minimum wage was $1.65! However, as a new hire, I was not part of the Union and could easily be let go. After working for 3 weeks I was called by my boss over the weekend and was let go. I went a week and started looking for other work, and he called and re-hired me. I worked for a week and was again let go. I was rehired a week later and worked for two weeks and was again let go. However, I noticed a connection. I was paid weekly and each time I paid tithing, I was hired back and each time I "forgot" I was let go. So, in the middle of the week I drove to my Bishops house. I gave him my tithing and said with a smile, "I expect to be hired back today." When I came home there was a message from Shasta. I called back and the manager apologized for letting me go. He said he had a different job that was more stable--and it paid $7.11 an hour. I took it and paid tithing faithfully. When I left for my mission, the total I got with the new job made up for the difference of being let go--almost to the dollar. I believe Tithing is an act of faith--the Lord keeps his promises. Show more Show less

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints is not a cult. Instead, it claims and is the same church that Christ created while He lived--it has been restored by a loving Father in Heaven and his Son, Jesus Christ. Not surprisingly, this was the exact same approach used by the Jewish sects that labeled the original church a cult at the time of Christ. Why? Because Christ did not conform to their teachings and traditions (whether they were true, false or fulfilled). Instead, he added on to the gospel at the time, fulfilling the prophesies, while revealing more truth, more knowledge and blessing the lives of the people. It seems to be an easy way to dismiss the same church restored in the latter-days by giving it the same negative label--and trying to "de-position it," rather than investigating it (just like in the days of Christ). Does it work? Yes, for some--unfortunately. But Christ said, "By their fruits ye will know them," and the positive Christ-like lives of the Latter-Day Saints show quite the opposite. In fact, the latter-day Christians are renown for wholesome, loving and Christ-like lives with greater devotion than almost any other Christian faith--as should hopefully be expected. I invite you to find out for yourself--as I did. Bring all that you have that is true, and you will find even more--a fullness of the gospel within the church of Christ that is found nowhere else and that will bless your life, your family, and all those around you. Show more Show less