Fia: Mormon.

Hi I'm Fia

About Me

i am number eight out of thirteen kids. i was born and raised in the beautiful island of Samoa. i left the island when i was eighteen yrs of age for better school and work opportunities in the united states. i lived in Utah with my two older sisters for about two months and then moved to Arizona for college and stayed with my cousin untill december of last year i got married and moved out. i am now soon to be mom, have a little one on the way,we dont know what brand it is yet and i so can't wait. i like alot of things like dancing and im good at it (hawaiian hula), i like singing even though i dont sound very good haha... i love helping others/service. i love reading books that are inspired and uplifting and i love recording my thoughts of the day in my journal.

Why I am a Mormon

Well, it is the only church that make sense from starts untill now it still is. It has/answers all the questions of the souls, (eg) "where did i come from? Why am i here or do i have a purpose in these life? Where am i going after these life?"etc. i have a great family that loves the lord and we have family prayers almost every night, i remember going to church with my younger siblings and my mom most of the time, but never in my life seen my dad gone to church before. Most of the time we go to church to show our new outfits or just to get away from the house and chores! One day my youngest sister when she was about 4yrs old she asked mom a question that stuck with me until i found the answer. She asked, "mom, what's gonna happen to dad when he dies?" Mom was reading a newspaper and was shocked hearing such a huge question coming from her youngest spoiled baby :) i was atleast 15yrs of age at the time. i was curious of what mom was going to tell her. She said, "I don't know, you go ask him!?!" So she asked dad, dad's respond was " When i die, just roll me with a blanket and throw me in the valley!!" wow, since then that question never left me and it was putting me in a sad situation of crying myself to bed for not knowing what's going to happen to not just my dad only but to all of us. I started to live life as if there was no tomorrow or no purpose, i didn't care or nothing that i did matters to me just as long as im happy. I was 18yrs old when i met with mormon missionaries in utah and they were the ones who gave me answers to all the questions that i had and i remember the moment i heard everything they said, was real that it filled the wholes of my heart. i know that our heavenly father loves us, he doesn't want any of us to suffer or cry to bed every night because we don't know what's going to happen to us. He has a great plan for each of us and that is the plan of happiness and you can only find it through the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints.

Personal Stories

Please share your feelings/testimony of the Restoration of the Gospel.

Peolpe will accept and believe everything else we will share with them but not Joseph Smith's first vision. this is where joseph as a young man who was so confused with which church should he joined, he humbled himself before God and decided to pray and ask Him for an answer to his simple question.As he was praying he received an answer. When i was investigating the church, i didn't even have to pray and ask God if Joseph Smith was a true prophet called of him. i just knew it. And that is because i believe that God is the same yesterday, today and forever, if he loves people back then in the bible that he calls prophets to lead and guide them, why wouldn't he do the same for us today if He loves us!? People back then were so wicked, so much persecutions that they even killed prophets and leaders of the church. God wasn't going to allow them to continue on persecuting those who were righteous. The wickedness of people got to the point where there was not enough righteous people to continue on the church that Jesus Christ established when he was on the earth. So therefore God took His church away and was no longer on the earth. In the early 1800's is when God saw that people were ready to receive his church again on the earth, so it needed be a RESTORATION, not a reformation. Restoration is bringing back something from it's original. I know that it was through Joseph Smith humble prayer that the church of jesus christ was restored again on the earth in its fullness and will never be taken away from us again. God and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph when he was praying, when i prayed they didn't appeared to me but that doesn't mean i have to deny what i felt,i dont need to see them to believe in his church, i can feel their presence each time i prayed and my life reflects the goodness of believing that there is a living God and that his church is again on the earth today for all of those who accept it.

How I live my faith

i continue to increase my faith and testimony of the church by magnifying my callings or responsibities given like, 2yrs ago i was a president for women 18yrs of age and more, i made sure i serve them appropriately in time of need along with the help of other women, i provided activities that continue to help us have unity and strengthen our faith in christ and become as big family of sisters. i had lots of fun with all these ladies. I am currently serving in the youth, girls ages 12-18. This girls are amazing only if they know how much they value in the eyes of God. i've been working and serving them in many ways that helps each girls realize how important they are and that one day they will become great leaders and mothers. Each sunday i prepare a lesson to share with them from church manuals. i love having responsibilities in the church because it sure helps me keep my testimony burning in my heart and desire to share it with others.