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Hi I'm Aaron Starbuck

I'm a husband and a father of 7 wonderful kids. I'm an Army Family Physician. I'm a soccer player. I am a Mormon.

About Me

Hi I’m Aaron As the son of a mining Engineer, we lived in pretty much every small mining town there in Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. From boom town to bust, I had moved 15 times by the time I was in high school. My 4 siblings and I loved exploring old mines left abandoned in isolated remote areas with my dad and our faithful donkey, “Jackie” . Jackie would lug all our camping equipment on his back. All of us remember experiences with Jackie being stubborn and just sitting down in the middle of the trail. He would try to roll over to get some nice dust and dirt on his sweaty, itchy back. Only to discover he couldn’t roll back over because of all the camping equipment there. A couple of hours later, we had unloaded all the equipment let him roll over and then reloaded it again, we would continue our adventure. What memories! Maybe it was to continue these wonderful childhood adventures that I became a wild-land forest fighter out of High School, went on a 2 year church mission to France and Switzerland and joined the Army to became first and Army medic and now a Family Medicine Physician.

Why I am a Mormon

The most amazing and wonderful part of my life’s adventure began when I met Monae. Monae is the most charming, beautiful, talented, gracious, spiritual woman I have ever known. 15 years later we are happily married living in Columbus, Georgia and have kids ages 1,3,5,7,9,11, and 13. Yes that adds up to 7 kids and it’s all the odd numbers between 1 and 13. We don’t feel odd, but others sometimes give us odd looks and ask Monae questions at the store like, “Are these all your kids”. She feels like answering no I just like dragging 7 kids around the store for the fun of it!! Our family enjoys being the playground for the neighborhood as we provide playmates for all the kids on our street. When our kids go outside you’d think it’s a block party, a birthday party of some kind of party. Because everyone from the neighborhood makes a b-line straight for our back yard. My life is a wonderful adventure of love, laughter and spiritual fulfillment. I got married as a poor student with only 2 nickels to rub together. By the time we were married 3 years we had two kids and no nickels to rub together. But we wouldn’t have it any other way. It was during our early years of marriage that we decided we wouldn’t let money or school or social stigma or anything but revelation from God direct our family, and for this we have been truly blessed. I’ve been deployed to Iraq with the Army and since my return we have grown stronger as a family through the grace of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I am a Mormon because I feel the love of God within the teaching of this faith. One teaching that brings me great joy is that of eternal marriage. Within the walls of the temple I have been married to my wife Monae for all eternity. This marriage is forever and I know that I will also live after this life with not only her but enjoy continued association with all my children. I thank God everyday for his goodness it has not always been easy living my Christian faith, but is definitely worth it.

How I live my faith

Children’s playful, innocent nature help me feel young, alive and experience true joy. It definitely teaches me patience and to see the humor in life. It’s either laugh or cry at some of the predicaments I find myself in. When you have a one year old taking out pots from the kitchen for the 100th time so he can climb on top of the computer desk and sit on the computer key board, laughing at you, because you are helping your 3 year old potty train. So there you are with the 3 yr old who won’t let you leave the bathroom, while inevitably someone has fallen off their scoter, while other kids are standing on empty water barrels rolling them down the street (who knows what the neighbors think of that), a couple of girls have put all the cloths in their drawer and closet on to “see how many layers they can get on. Laughing, living and loving is what this life is all about. My family is the center of my life and Christ is the center of my family. I live with CHRIST as the center of my thoughts, my words, my actions (and as hopefully you can see from my profile) MY LIFE. I’m a Christian, a husband, a father of 7, a soccer enthusiast, an Army physician. I AM A MORMAN!