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Hi I'm Kristi

I'm crazy in love with my husband. I'm a proud mama. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Growing up, my family lived in a canyon across from a 400 foot high sandstone cliff. I have always loved spending time in the mountains--whether hiking, camping, or snowskiing. I also enjoy cooking, sewing, singing, and tennis. I worked in real estate development and leasing until my husband and I started our family. Now I spend my days keeping up with my sweet baby boy. Becoming a mom has brought greater meaning and joy to my life than I could have imagined.

Why I am a Mormon

Many of my ancestors found the Gospel of Jesus Christ and were baptized into the Mormon Church. They made incredible sacrifices for their faith, including crossing the plains as pioneers and giving their lives in service to their God and fellow man. Because of their sacrifices, I grew up in the Church and had the opportunity to gain my own testimony of the principles of the Gospel. I know that the LDS church is God's church on earth. Being a member of His church has helped me to learn how to find joy in this life and receive the promise of eternal life in the life to come. Everything good in my life has come from my decision to follow Christ--to truly seek to become like him and do what he would have me do. I am grateful for living prophets who speak on behalf of God and share divine messages and warnings. By following the counsel of these great men, I have been able to avoid many problems and mistakes in my life. I have learned that true happiness and freedom come from obedience to God's commandments. I am grateful for the opportunities for leadership, growth, and service that are given to women in the Church. I love being part of the Relief Society--the largest women's organization in the world. These amazing women are always doing good--building up their homes and teaching their children, taking care of each other, and serving in their communities. I love my family. They are the most precious thing to me in the world, and they bring joy to my life. I am grateful to know that if I am true to them and true to the promises I have made to God, we can be a forever family. I love being part of an organization that does so much good--both in the lives of its members, and all over the world. It breaks my heart to hear of people suffering from poverty, violence, or natural disasters. When I hear of the good done through humanitarian service in the Church, it brings me joy to know I can play a small part in helping to relieve suffering throughout the world.

How I live my faith

I get to teach the women's group in my congregation. I love this job because I learn so much when I prepare my lessons. During class, we always have amazing discussions about how to apply the Gospel to our own lives, and I am inspired to be a better person. I also visit three ladies in my congregation every month. We discuss the Gospel together, get to know each other, and watch over one another. I feel that being a wife and mother is a sacred responsibility, and my most important calling in life. As a mother, I am responsible for teaching my children the things they need to know to live happy, productive lives, and to be good people.

How are modesty and chastity related? How can parents teach their children to be modest in dress, language and behavior?

Parents can teach their children modesty in many ways. First, parents need to set the example by their own dress, speech, and actions. Even small children watch their parents and notice their example. When children are young, parents have a great deal of control over their children's clothing choices, as well as the language children are exposed to. As children grow, their parents' influence continues to be paramount. If parents are paying for the clothing their children wear, they can decide what clothing they will and will not buy. When I was a young child, my mother used to let me pick out what I wanted to wear on a particular day. As a result, I probably went around in mismatched clothing on a regular basis! My mom didn't see this as a real problem. However, when I was a young teenager, my mom simply would not purchase clothing for me that did not meet her standards of modesty. I didn't always understand why I was not allowed to wear the same kinds of swimsuits and skirts as my friend. Now that I am older, I do understand; and I am grateful for a mother who knew when to allow me to make my own choices and when to take a stand. In high school, it was hard to find a prom dress that I could feel comfortable in. My mom was able to alter a dress so that it was modest. By doing so, she helped me show respect to myself and to the young man who had asked me to the dance. I felt more confident, and my dress set the tone for the kind of evening we would have. Show more Show less

Why are only some Mormons allowed into temples? Is there something secret going on in Mormon Temples? What goes on in Mormon Temples?

God desires for all of his children to enter the temple and receive the blessings available to those who have prepared themselves for temple worship. Those who grow up as members of the church often spend most of their young lives preparing themselves for the covenants they will make in the temple, and those who convert as adults spend at least a year in preparation to attend the temple. This is because of the great significance of the covenants (or promises) we make in the temple. When we attend the temple, we make sincere promises to God: promises to keep His commandments, to give our lives in service, to be better disciples of Christ. Making and striving to keep these promises is what helps us to become better people. It would be unfair to expect someone who is unprepared to make these promises. Show more Show less