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Hi I'm Cat

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hi! My name is Cat and I am a convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I am a freelance photographer/blogger/crafter. I like thrifting and taking things that are sad and old and then tweaking, painting and changing them into something fresh and new. I LOVE music...all kinds! Mayyyybe not polkas so much...I'm a stay at home mom and am currently home-schooling my youngest child...a teenager...we have our moments...but overall it IS rewarding. I dig cheezy sci-fi shows and comedies. I can't handle scary movies...they just freak me out. Sappy movies are only good when I'm on my bed, in my jammies with a box of Kleenex and some chocolate...alone. Cold, rainy weather is my favorite. I hate cooking, but I love to bake. I wish I was organized like Michelle Duggar from 19 Kids and Counting, but I'm pretty much the opposite of her. I do have my OCD moments but mostly with my crafty projects. Dirty laundry is my nemesis. I love critters, just not bears...they kinda creep me out. And badgers. They creep me out, too. I do have 4 cats and a dog and then I feed the birds and stray cats outside. I love the hubbs...he's my favorite...and we have three spectacular kids!

Why I am a Mormon

My life was kind of a mess for a really long time and things got really scary and hopeless. I did a lot of things I should never have done not realizing that the distressing things in my life that I was trying to forget or escape from were never going to go away, no matter how numb I made myself. It got soo bad that I wanted to just end it all. I cried till there were no more tears and that was the first time I prayed a serious prayer. Not having ever been a religious person, I just sent a message 'out there' for whoever was listening and minutes after that first prayer I heard a knock on my door and it was a neighbor. A Mormon neighbor. He said he felt 'compelled' to come over and see if I needed anything. I did. He invited me to church so I went and it wasn't so bad. I met with the missionaries who assigned me to read two scriptures but I thought they meant for me to read from the first scripture to the second one. I wound up reading the entire Book of Mormon and started on my path to gaining a testimony about the truthfulness of the Gospel. So many things made so much sense. I am a daughter of a Heavenly Father who loves me. Those who have passed before me who never have heard the Gospel can enjoy the blessing of exaltation by having members get baptized for and on behalf of them and that's huge! I can be sealed to my family for time and all eternity not just till death do we part. I don't want to part. This love I have with my man is forever...and that can extend to our kids. God and Jesus absolutely adore me. I never knew that. The feeling is mutual. It's all just amazing. And difficult: Change is hard but possible...plus sometimes it's really hard to be good. You hafta seriously work at it. Nothing new, though...that's just life, right? Only now...it's a good life. It ain't always rainbows and unicorns but it's good. Really good.

How I live my faith

My first 'calling' or job (of the volunteer sort) as a member of the church was as a Webelos leader. Imagine it...12, 10-year-old boys running around like a buncha crazies and then trying to teach them manly things like changing tires and making things from wood...it was pretty much AWESOME! And then throughout the years I've taught Sunday School and taught the young women of varying age groups, planned some family activities and am in charge of taking pictures of church activities and collecting pictures for events I can't make it to. I just started going to a religion class called Institute and I LOVE it. The teacher is amazing and I've already learned alot. And since I'm a Home Schooling mom, I get to share what I learn with my kid, and it makes me feel real smart. Just kidding...it's good stuff when you get to share the Gospel with someone you love. I love volunteer work. I think that's my calling in life. It brings me closer to my Father in Heaven and helps me to appreciate that my life isn't so bad when compared to the struggles that others have to face. Besides, the Scriptures say that when you are in the service of your fellow man, you are only in the service of your God. I'm far from perfect and I definitely have my fair share of issues, but I do try to be good. When I mess up, I know I can seek forgiveness and through prayer I can keep my relationship with God current and productive. Just like any other relationship, you just have got to keep the lines of communication open. Anyway, I'm Cat...and guess what?!? I'm a Mormon! :O)

Why do Mormons perform baptisms for the dead?

My father passed away about 13 years ago having never been introduced to the Gospel. Throughout my entire life, I have never, not once had a conversation with him about religion...until I joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, which was after he passed. I was taught the principles of baptisms for the dead and approached the Lord in prayer in regards to my father and kind of had a conversation with my dad and explained to him how I was feeling. I felt that I should do the work for him and turn his name in to begin the process of doing a baptism by proxy for him. Since my Mother is still living, I asked her opinion and she agreed that I could arrange for this to take place. My Mother is not a member of the church. Since my Father is male, I needed to provide a male to be baptized for and on behalf of him. My sweet husband did it, and it was magnificent. They had only met each other once and it was while dad was on his deathbed. I'd love to believe that they have a special bond now and that my father has accepted the work that was done for him and is now fully living the Gospel on the other side of the veil and has found the peace and joy that this life denied him. Baptisms for the dead brings families together...on BOTH sides of that thin veil that separates us from the glorious presence of the Heavens. Thank you for your time. Show more Show less