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Hi I'm RuthAnn.

I'm an author, journalist, internet marketer, a proud mother of five and grandmother of four. I'm a single adult and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was young when I married. In fact, our wedding day was one week to the day after my 18th birthday. During the next 17-18 years we brought five beautiful children into the world. I spent some of that time as a full-time homemaker, a part-time employee and later as a full-time employee so my then-husband could attend college. Later, I had my turn to attend college and earn a degree. My thought at the time was that I could become a freelance writer and work from home. I wound up becoming a full-time journalist holding positions from news assistant to managing editor, and several in-between such as reporter, investigative business reporter, city editor, news editor and more. It all started with a goal I set during a church women's organization meeting on developing our talents. I chose writing, and set a goal to be published within a year. My first submission was accepted by the "Ensign" (the church's magazine) and paid a stipend exactly the cost of attending a non-credit course on writing at a local community college. My instructor encouraged me to enroll in actual college courses and to write for local papers. His instincts were dead on. A career was born, and I've had the pleasure of touching many lives through my work, all because I followed up on a goal I set in Relief Society, the largest and oldest organization for women in existence in the United States. How grateful I am. When our marriage fell apart, I was able to support my family. My "hobby" became our daily bread.

Why I am a Mormon

A great, great, great uncle of mine on my mother's side who lived in Canada just across the border from New York State where Joseph Smith Jr. and his family lived heard stories about a golden bible and a restored church with the fulness of the truth of the gospel taught by Jesus Christ in the meridian of time. They were wealthy land owners in Canada. They could easily afford the trip to investigate. My uncle heard Joseph Smith preach in an outdoor session during which it began to rain. The Spirit was so strong, that when the young prophet continued to preach, the audience stayed put. My uncle and others of his family, including the man who eventually became my great, great, great grandfather, joined the church. They left their wealth and land behind to settle with the early saints. Joseph Smith himself baptized my great, great, great uncle. The family held strong in the faith suffering much persecution as they were driven from state to state, had their homes burned, women attacked, men tarred and feathered and much more. They walked across the plains and settled what is now Salt Lake City. This is my legacy. It's something my family members believed in enough to suffer severely so my generation, and those which come after mine, would be able to enjoy full fellowship in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. On my father's side, things are much more recent. He was born in 1929, just a few years after his parents and their oldest daughter immigrated to Salt Lake City from Amsterdam. My father was a first-generation "Mormon" and a first-generation American. My paternal grandfather and grandmother were proselytized by missionaries. They were disowned by their families in the Netherlands as they began their journey to join the saints in Zion. Again, as on my maternal side, my grandfather left behind his bakery to start a new life. All heritage aside, I'm a member because I know the gospel is true. The Spirit has undeniably witnessed this to my heart.

How I live my faith

It's my pleasure to attend my church meetings each week. On most Sundays, I stop by to pick up my oldest granddaughter to take her to church with me because her mother often has to work on Sunday. I enjoy reading the scriptures and always learning more about the gospel. My hope had been to join the Church's full-time social media team to use my skills learned on the job and while earning my master of science in internet marketing to help spread the word. I didn't make the final cut, however, so I volunteer online by tagging photos or performing other needed functions to prepare church materials for use online. When asked and my schedule permits, I've had the opportunity to volunteer in our cannery to prepare jars of spaghetti sauce for those in need. I've worked on church farms picking grapes and I've volunteered at Desert Industries, a thrift store operated by the Church. Mostly, I just try to live what I know to be true. Not paying tithing is not an option. When it's Sunday, staying home from church (except on rare occasions as necessary) is not an option. I'm a L.D.S., proud of it, and work hard to make sure it affects nearly every decision I make. As a single adult it definitely affects my dating life as I remain chaste until one day I am able to find a new companion to marry for all time and eternity. I have by no means been perfect. But I've learned from my mistakes and allow others the same opportunity. God forgives. He lets us return to Him, and because of His great love has room in His church for all. I'll be forever grateful to Him for his atoning sacrifice which makes salvation possible to all who will accept His will.