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Hi I'm Julie

I live in Arizona. I have an MA in Theatre Theory and Criticism. I'm a mom of boys. I love books and movies. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I earned my Master's Degree, directed a play or two, taught elementary school kids to read, and then met and married my best friend. We had our first baby before our first anniversary. Now I devote all my energy to raising my sons--one with ADHD--and creating a safe haven at home. I'm a homemaker, but it doesn't come naturally. I have to work really hard at mundane things like remembering to clean the bathroom, and to take the last load of laundry out of the washer (or it starts to stink). I love the way a clean, beautiful home feels, and it's taken me a long time to accept that I have to actually do the work to get it that way, and that it's never, ever, ever finished. I am a bookworm, and a movie snob. I like to write. My favorite place to be is my mom's house, or on a rock at the ocean listening to the waves.

Why I am a Mormon

My roots in the LDS church go back to some of the very earliest saints in the 1800's, but I stay in this chuch because I feel empowered and ennobled here in ways I've never found anywhere else. The more I study and learn--about any subject--the more the gospel opens up to me, and the more I learn about the nature and character of God and how much he loves us, his children. Worries about my worth and destiny fall away. The doctrine that I am a marvelous spirit child of an omniscient, omnipotent, and omni-creative God, whom I can fully emulate, resounds in my soul. That I can do so by living a perfectly ordinary and (by the world's standards) completely unremarkable life is a delight and a relief. Our Heavenly Father doesn't just want us to serve him, he wants us to have EVERYTHING that he has--power, glory, and family. Christ completed the infinite Atonement so that my mistakes and failings won't doom me or my family. On the contrary, everything we experience in this life can and will, through faith in Christ, be turned into something that will strengthen and beautify our souls. The gospel of Jesus Christ gives beautiful, rich meaning to my life.

How I live my faith

I live my faith daily in teaching my children to one day become strong, independent, God-fearning, loving, productive adults; in providing them a home where they feel safe and nurtured, and where they can feel the presence of the Holy Ghost. We tend to discount the ordinary, but I firmly believe that part of learning to be like God is doing the boring everyday things--cleaning bathrooms, laundry, meals. I wage war every day against ambivalence, dirt, decay, and disorder, because God is a God of order, purity, and faith. Yes, it's starting extremely small, but it is worth just as much as the "big stuff." Imagine what would happen to poverty and want if every person in the world fought these same miniscule battles every day, and won. I also teach Sunday School to adults. I love that my talent for study and teaching gets to be used to edify other people. I also visit other women in my ward to strengthen, serve, and encourage them--Visiting Teaching. I try to serve cheerfully wherever I can, and to encourage everyone I meet in some small way. i want to see people as Christ sees them--precious individuals with needs, hopes, dreams, and potential just like mine. Some days I do this much better than others.

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

Mormon women have the same character strengths and weaknesses as every other woman, but we also have special access to strength and help. As each female member of the church turns 18, she enters "Relief Society." This organization,--a full, active, and integral part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, without which this church would be incomplete--has as its mission to lift, strengthen, and teach specifically the women and children. As a member of Relief Society, I both give such strength and receive it, every week, every month. As daughters of God, women are His literal partners in his work to bring spirits to earth, give them bodies, and the chance to prove themselves. Our primary charge is to provide each spirit the nurture it needs to thrive (see Official Church answer, above). This responsibility is huge, whether I have ten children or none. Women and children are also under heavy assault by Satan, and have been since Eve. We Mormon women are armed with the scriptures, with personal revelation, with prophetic counsel, with faith, and with the sure knowledge that we are literally divine. We have the power of the Holy Ghost, given as a gift to be with us at all times, as we remain worthy, no matter what our circumstance. We can see through the lies that our only worth is in the size and shape of our bodies, or our fame or fortune. So are we equal to men? If you are still in doubt, please reread. Show more Show less