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Hi I'm Brandon

I'm a smooth dancing, photo taking, Texan lovin, animal know it all, Mormon!

About Me

Right now I am serving as a missionary for the Mormon church in the San Antonio Texas Mission. I grew up in many places such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, New York, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin. Moving around so much has made me learn to love traveling and in seeing new sights and meeting new people. I have a great love and kindness of feeling towards animals and all living things. I want to spend my life learning more about all of Gods creations. I love being outside and enjoying nature. I am a photographer, to me photography is merely finding the beauty in something. I love capturing beauty and in showing how it is in everything and in everyone. I also enjoy working with my hands to build things, anything from furniture and houses to Legos. I also have a passion for Ballroom Dancing.

Why I am a Mormon

To many people treat relgion the same way they treat Football. Some sport fans have their favorite team that they have cheered for all their lives...maybe their parents were fans of the same team as well. Other people pick a team to cheer for because maybe they liked the colors, players, or the cool mascot. Other football fans dont have a one favorite team but they just like to watch the game. People think It's the same with churchs that all they are, are different opptions to choose from and that they are all good, maybe you have had one in your family that you have allways been to for years and to YOU it's the best and you think well we all believe in the same God why does it matter which "team" I am on or which church I like to go to? its all the same game right? Well to me church and religion are not a game. Truth is not based on mans poupuler choice, tradition, or personal preference. Truth is eternal and is unalterable. There can only be one truth that is right and real for everyone. I know that truth, that way, that religion is this one. I am the kind of person who likes to thik logicaly and analize things when it comes to understanding...however when I look back at how I came to understand that this church was the one God would have everyone be apart of, I see that it was not a matter of facts and figures that converted me but the simple yet profound feelings of the spirit. It happend so slowly and subletly over time that I didnt know that I knew for a long time, but I do know that I know now....and I can not deny it or forget it for as long as I live. If you want to know these things for yourself the steps are easy. Ask, Seek, and Knock. Search the Book of mormon, ponder its words and then pray and ask God if its true...and from there keep your eyes, ears, and heart open to the flood of answers that he will send you. Just be patient they will come, I promise.

How I live my faith

Right now I live my faith in the loudest most fantastic way of all....by being a full time missionary called of God to proclaim the gospel. I talk every day to people from all sorts of differnet backrounds. The old and the young the rich and the poor. Everyone I come accross I invite them to learn more about God and his restored gospel. Some people know who I represent and love the message that I share and call me an angel. They treat me like a king in there home...others deny the one I repersent and fight against the message I share they are cold and bitter toward me. Regardless of how I am treated my purpose and calling is clear, simple and profound. I live my faith by waking up every morning at 6:30 and following the mission rules of working out and studying and preparing to teach. I obey even the small and seemingly silly rules that they give us as missionaries because I understand that when I obey I am strengthened by God. Right now my opportunities to serve others is limited to missionary work, and I in no way mean to deminish the importance and great capacity of missionary work in serving and helping others, but I am thrilled for the days to come when I get to come home and become the member missionary of my dreams...I am not only going to fufill my calling in the church but to fufill my calling as a citezen and human being by taking every oppourtunity to teach, uplift, inspire, feed, shelter, and protect. I will voulenteer at home and abroad and perhaps even serve in the military. I live my faith by taking life one step at a time and in doing all the little things of the gospel every single day. Growing and learning from our mistakes...its what we call Enduring to the End.

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

Mormons believe in the divine importance of women and that they have a sacred and unique role in the Creator's plan. We believe in showing proper respect to all women and in honoring motherhood. I personally dismiss the value of physical beauty when it is not accompanied by self-respect, virtue and righteousness. The Mormon Church and me individually will directly oppose and contend against any mistreatment or exploitation of womanhood. I believe that a "real" man fulfills his duties to preside, provide, and protect in his home, community and nation. I reject the world's view of what is manly and declare with boldness that a true man is one who is refined, kind and spiritually sensitive. He bridles his passions and he works and sacrifices for others. To be a man is to be like our Savior, strong as steel but wrapped in velvet. In short....men and women are different, we have different roles, but we are not complete with out each other. We believe in total equality and in completely fulfilling our individual roles and duties as men and as women. Show more Show less