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Hi I'm John

I'm a Mormon

About Me

I am a 41yr old whom has been working in the hospitality industry for about 20yrs, I recently became unemployed and like thousand others around the world, due to the recession I cannot find employment. However, this does not stop me from believing in Christ. I'm married with 3 beutiful kids, my wife has always being very supportive of me and what I do, we both have decided that it is time for me to go back to school and better my education, we know is going to be hard, but we also know that we have our Heavenly Father to help us succeed in this change.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raced in the Gospel, my parents coming from poor familys struggled to provide for me, but they were always faithfull and thought us to be obedient to the gospel, I did not wanted to make my parent suffer more to send me to a mission, so I left home at age 17. Coming to the USA was very differernt for me, I was alone, without anybody to guide me and soon I became unactive in the Church. During this time of sorrow, I commited lots of "dont's", I thought that I was free, and that I could conquer the world without the Gospel. However, after a few yrs of transgression, I fianally started to feel how lonely I was, the lack of happiness, the lack guidance, sorrow, pain, suffering and being alone make me realize that I was doing everything that my parents and the Gospel had thought me NOT to do. I was lost, and I needed help. One day, after waking up really sad, weeping about my pains, I saw an add on the TV about obtaining a Book of Mormon, so I called the number and requested a copy. Two days later, a pair of sister missionaries came to my door and wanted to share a message with me, when I saw them, I remember everything that my parents thought me, I felt the desire to be free of pain again, so I went back to church. Since going back to the Gsopel of Christ, I have been the happiest man alive, I know that Jesus loves me and all of us. I know that he lives and that thru his attonement we can be together with him again.

How I live my faith

About a yr after, I was blessed with the opportunity of going to the Temple for the first time, what a wonderful time, I thought I was happy again, i thought that I had gain what I was looking for, but after a few moments inside the temple, I realized that I was still alone; so I knelt down and pray, I pray with such might, with love, with sincerity and faith that my Creator will listen to me one more time, and that he will erase my last feeling of loneliness. During my prayer, I remember specifically that I asked my redeemer to please blessed me with the opportunity to come back again in one year to the temple again, but this time, to be sealed and married for time and eternity, I knew that my Father will not forsake me, I knew that my faith in him and that the love he has for me will help me. A few months later I met a wonderful lady, after just one month of dating, we become engaged. My bishop gave us the go ahead and get married in the temple, but her bishop wanted us to wait a bit longer, a bit sad we obeyed. three months later, he called us and wanted to let us know that he felt that it was time for us to be married. So we went to his office, and there without us suggesting, he set the date for us, we left his office very excited. As soon as we left, I had to stop, I began to wep, I realized what date he had set, it was exactly one yr after I had asked my Heavenly Father to let me come back to his temple and be married, he had kept hsi promise, my heart was fill with love, I knew and was confirmed one more time, that our Heavenly Father lives, that he loves us and that if we follow his comandments faithfully, he will too bless us with everything that we NEED, and not with what we want, our rightheous desires will be fullfill. I know this Church is the right Church of God and Jesus Christ, I know that he loves us and that thrue his attonement we will be together forever with him.