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Hi I'm Craig

I'm a husband, father, MBA student, wannabe golfer, aspiring business man and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am currently working on my second masters degree, this one is an MBA, my previous one in was in real estate development. I currently work for a real estate development company and we develop housing for the senior population. I love to learn, to read, to soak up information. I have never been the smartest, but I have always believed in my ability to continuously improve with the right effort. I have always felt that my abilities are unlimited if I rely on the Lords help. The belief that I have unlimited potential has helped me achieve things in this life I wouldn't have achieved otherwise. I love to stay physically fit, I work out 3 to 4 times a week. I also feel a constant desire to maintain spiritually fit through scripture study, prayer, as well as through listening to the words of the prophets both modern and ancient. If I leave any of these items out of the daily routine I notice a difference. Feeling this void, has helped me to realize that studying the scriptures, praying, etc. bring satisfaction to my life. When I am not at work or at school, I spend time with my wife and my daughter...they are the best. I respect my wife for the woman that she is. She is a rock. I love to stay active. One of my favorite hobbies is golf. I love it for the challenge it presents anyone who has tried to play. I love the discipline required to improve at the game. It has taught me to have more patience, persistence, and self control.

Why I am a Mormon

There is so much good that comes from being a member of this church. If it wasn't so, I wouldn't still be a member after 27 years. I have experienced the benefits first hand. We are asked to serve without pay, to love others, to go outside of our comfort zone on a regular basis by doing things such as speaking in church, visiting those in need, etc. These have helped me grow and become less self centered. Growing by serving in the church has helped me contribute positively to my society and interact with people of all walks of life . Probably the main reason that I am a member of the church is that I have experienced feelings for myself that have helped me realize that the things I have learned are true. Because of these feelings I am still a member of the church today. I am not a member of this faith because someone else told me that I should be, but because I have had my own experiences at difference points in my life helping me feel its truth. I do believe that the church was restored by Jesus Christ through a modern day prophet Joseph Smith, that Jesus is the Christ and that I am a son of God. I believe that God will look after me while in this life as I am faithful to His commandments ( even if I stumble along the way which I have at times). Jesus Christ has paid the price for our sins through His sacrifice and if I can do my best to live worthy, I can be saved one day and live with Him, my Father in Heaven, and my Family again for eternity. This gives me hope and the drive to continue living faithful to the commandments of my God. These are just a few of the reasons that I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I study my scriptures and pray daily. I do my best to do good to others daily wherever I may find myself regardless of their belief system or ethnicity. They are all my brothers and sisters under a Heavenly Father. Why wouldn't I be nice to them right?? I attend church meetings every Sunday for three hours. At church I am able to take the bread and water also known as the Sacrament in remembrance of the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Its a good time to reflect on why I do the things I do. We sing hymns at church, we pray, and we learn together. Part of the Sunday meetings is Sunday school where we study the Old and New Testament and the Book of Mormon. I enjoy learning the gospel. There is something rewarding about it. If it wasn't, I would have stopped a long time ago. I keep the Sabbath Day, or Sunday, holy by watching the activities I participate in. Golf is not something I do on Sunday, nor any other sporting activity. I do my best to make sure that Sunday activities are those that cause me to reflect on Christ and His teachings. I don't patronize any local businesses as I don't believe I should be the reason others should have to work on Sunday. We believe it should be a day of rest for everyone.