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Hi I'm John L Johnson DDS

Sleeping in a tent until 14 was my lot. Raised in a single parent family but still had big dreams. I'm a Mormon first & a Dentist

About Me

I was raised in a humble setting yet found that this helped for developing some of life's important traits. The LDS church had a profound effect upon me with it's teaching and my friends. As a young man I served a mission for the church in the Hawaiian Islands resulting in many faith promoting experiences. Education was encouraged both by my mother and the church. Both inspired me to obtain a BS and a DDS. I have practiced as a General Dentist for over 40 years and now find myself retired, doing those things that were hard to find time for when I was working full time. I love to hop on my motorcycle or go kyaking with my wife. The summer always finds us in the garden growing too much for two people, but our neighbors love the tomatoes, melons and squach. We have found that some of the most rewarding things that we have done is to be foster parents to young expectiant mothers, and a young man who needed a place to stay. Providing humanitarian care as a dentist to the migrant farm workers was worth more than money. My wife of 48 year and I have also served a mission as a senior couple being of service where every we were needed in the Richmond VA mission. Our travel to many parts of the world has helped us form a deeper understanding of the many cultures that make up our world and greater love for all people. We are parents to three sons, thirteen grand children and call many our friends. We have found that life is a gift that is best shared with others.

Why I am a Mormon

Being a Mormon is more than a title. To me it is all about putting on the values that the Savior talked about. He encouraged us to become like him and that is no easy task. His teachings as I read them were clear and simple. Something that all mankind could do and achieve. I have looked at many religions throughout the years but the one that had answers that were clear and understandable was to be found in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. I find it difficult to understand when someone may say to me that you "Mormons" don't believe in Christ. I have to point out the name again and then bear my testimony to them about Jesus Christ and how he is my personal savior and redeemer. It is to our Father in Heaven that I say my prayers and close in his Son's name, Jesus Christ. Yes I do and we do as Mormons believe in Jesus Christ. It is that belief that helps me to try to be a better man even if it might not be fashionable or politically correct. I believe that the commandments, principles and admonitions of the Savior are and should be a constant in our lives. They to not change. If Abraham was told to love the Lord God in his day I see no reason to feel that this commandment should be any less today. Keeping the Sabbath day Holy should be just as important today as it was during the time of Christ. Yet I find that we have many groups that are surcoming to worldly pressure. After all we are a more enlighten people now than 200 years ago. I admire all christians who are not afraid to take a stand and resist those modern day influences in the work place, at school or in the goverment to resist changing our Christians values. That is why I'm a Mormon. We hold fast to that which is true no matter what. I believe that I need to worship daily for I have learned that being a Mormon is a seven day a week thing. Not something that I put on when I chose to go to church. I know that this restored church is true and invite all to come to that truth.

How I live my faith

I have tried to live my faith all of my life. I felt strongly as a teenager that religion was a serious thing. So with those feelings it is easy to understand why I have be an active practicing Mormon all of my life. I was active in youth groups made up of young men who had church positions call "priesthood" assignments where we had assignments during the worship sessions of church. I served a full time two year mission in the Hawaiian Island for the Church coming back a much wiser young man due to the spiritual and physical growth that occures when you are serving others. Upon returning from my mission I finished my schooling receiving both under graduate and graduate degrees, During that time of schooling is was not uncomon to have church assignment that require many hours a week in service. I married a yound lady of my faith in one of the Salt Lake temples for "time and eternity". We do believe that if we try to live righteously keeping all of the covenants, sealed by the priesthood, we can be together forever. Our three sons have also served missions for the church and gone on to obtain graduate degrees and marry their wife in the temple. Over the many years of my life I have had the opportunity to serve in a variety of church callings. Stake missionary, ward bishopric three times, Bishop, High Council three seperate times and member of the Stake Presidency for 9 1/2 years. My wife and I also served a mission as a couple in VA. I am now the High Priest Group leader for our Ward. This is a person that oversees the activities of the more senior men of the Ward. We try to get involved in a variety of service for our area. This could be canning food at the cannery to be used for the poor. It could be putting in a garden for a widow. It might be helping to clean the Chapel or show up for a work project at someones home who need a few extra helping hands. That is what my life has been about and how I live my faith. These values also apply to my business