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Hi I'm Robyn :)

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

i'm a play-at-home mom of 5 ... ages toddler to teen :) i enjoy art, design, theater, and dance. my most favorite thing is spending time with my husband and children. i love hanging out with my extended family, too, but now i live far from them. i miss them, so i try to think of creative ways to stay in touch. one good thing about living far from family, is that i have had time to cultivate new friendships.

Why I am a Mormon

i was born into the faith :) my parents, and theirs, were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. i feel so blessed to have had the gospel of Jesus Christ taught to me from the very beginning. of course, we all go through a personal conversion as well, and mine happened really without me even knowing it :) church was a happy place. as a child i was taught correct principles, and i was mostly an obedient child, so consequently i experienced the blessings that come from right choices :) i chose to tell the truth, and benefited from being trusted :) i chose to have clean language, and benefited from being respected :) i chose to say my prayers, and benefited from feeling Heavenly Father's love for me :) i chose to read the scriptures, and benefited by increased peace and feelings of closeness to my Savior. it is said that by their fruits you shall know them. living the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has produced good fruit in my life for sure! the Holy Ghost has confirmed in my heart over and over again that i belong to the Lord's church restored to the earth in these latter days! what an overwhelming blessing it is to me! i hope everyone in the world can have the opportunity to learn about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ! joy. peace. happiness. love. it's all that and more :)

How I live my faith

i try to always remember Jesus, and why i'm here on earth. i try to be a little better each day. i try to share my talents and let my light shine :) i try to be thoughtful, and when i make mistakes, repent. How I live my faith ... try, try, try :) ... i know i won't ever be perfect in this life, but to me, progress is a kind of perfection. progress a little bit each day ... be a little nicer, be a little kinder, and more true ... these are things that matter.

What is the First Vision?

Robyn :)
Joseph Smith was 14, and wanted to go to church, but he didn't know which one to join. He was reading the Bible, and came to James 1:5 which said if you don't know something, ask God. So he decided that he would do what the Bible said, and ask God. . He went to the woods near his home, and prayed, and was astonished when God the Father, and Jesus Christ literally appeared to him! Joseph asked his question of which church to join, fully expecting God to direct him to one in his area, but was told rather, to join none of them, for although they spoke of Christ, they were not Christ's churches. Later, Jesus Christ restored His Church to the earth through revelations given to His prophet, Joseph Smith. Show more Show less