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Hi I'm Karen

I have ten grandchildren. I went to college with my daugter. I'm a Pharmacist, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love life! I have had two near death experiences that have left me passionate about life. I drowned at age four and suffered a trauma that left me partially blind at age 39. I am fortunate to live near my four children and thirteen grandchildren and get to see them every day. I love Halloween and serve the grand kids a gruesome dinner each year of brains and eyeballs. I love to have parties and entertain. I married my husband after only three weeks and he is my best friend! I ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle, I am an advanced SCUBA diver, I run a home based bakery with my daughters and love to decorate cakes. I play the piano and am a good cook. My family is often together and we are a loud, funny group of nutty people. We laugh a lot and enjoy each other. I went to college after all of my children were in school and graduated with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree at age 40. My oldest daughter was in college at the same time. Today, I work as a Pharmacist and enjoy my work very much. I feel like the "cruise director" for our family sometimes, always planning and providing opportunities for us to be together and serve each other and others. Someone dear to me once called me the GLUE of our family. I'll take that! What a beautiful thing to say.

Why I am a Mormon

When I drowned at age four, I was actually dead. My spirit left my little body and I went to a place that I described as having beautiful colors and music and I knew people there. I was never afraid or alone. I could recall this experience and shared it with my family over and over. My mother kept records of what I said. My family joined the Church when I was three years old, so I was baptized at age eight and was raised in the Gospel. The teachings of the Mormon Church are exactly what I know to be true based on my drowning experience! Although I have always had a strong, undeniable testimony of the Gospel, almost a sure knowledge because of what had happened to me, I did not always make wise choices as a teenager. But, as I have aged, I am learning that those experiences make us who we are. I am stronger in many ways because of past hard times. And I have had to depend on my Heavenly Father for guidance and comfort when I felt all was lost. I have learned to feel the Holy Ghost guide me through my life and have come to know that my Heavenly Father has a plan for me and wants me to be happy. Through trial and error, I know that I am happiest when I strive to obey His commandments and honor my covenants with Him. I have tested it and I know for myself that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true. God knows I know. I cannot and would not ever deny it. This is why I am a Mormon!

How I live my faith

I pray each morning and night (and in between). I study the Scriptures daily with my husband. I try to live with honesty and integrity so that the Holy Ghost can dwell with me and guide me in all my words and actions. I attend my Sunday meetings (the best 3 hours of the week) and love to attend the Temple. I have had many opportunities to serve in the Church. I have taught the young women, been in charge of the nursery, taught the little children, even served as the librarian. But today, I serve in the presidency of the oldest women's organization on the Earth. It is called the Relief Society. I visit many women of all ages in their homes, I teach a Sunday lesson now and then, and assist planning spiritual activities for the women. We enjoy serving each other both with our every day needs (espicially when a new baby is born, or someone is sick or in need of our assistance) and spiritual needs. We bring meals to families, mow lawns, paint rooms in their homes, babysit, tend to the sick, and counsel and support every need in any way we can. It makes my own trials seem so small when I help another with theirs. It is the best way I know to show my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ that I love them, by serving others. I have beautiful pictures of the Savior and the Temple in my home. I am proud to tell everyone I am a Mormon and love sharing the Gospel with others. I am striving to be like my savior, Jesus Christ, and rely on the comfort and guidence the Holy Ghost gives me!