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Hi I'm William

I am a Land Surveyor and convert of 10 yrs. I have married my high school sweatheart and adopted a beautiful daughter 4 yrs ago.

About Me

I am a father of a beautiful little girl and a husband of an amazing wife I love playing all sports and spending time outside I love serving and helping others in need I like fishing, camping and crabbing I like cars, tools, tv and audio systems I like watching sports and playing video games I started roofing houses with my uncles at age 12, worked in fast food at 17, started land surveying at 21, and thru alot of hard work was able to obtain my professional license as a land surveyor I grew up in a small city with southern charm and now live in a big city with lots of amazing culture

Why I am a Mormon

After visiting my mother in laws wedding we decided to move closer to my wife's family I found out that she had become Mormon a few years back and I promised myself I wouldn't become Mormon from the crazy stories my old friends were telling me. Before me moved I wanted to help my mom with her roof. My mother in law had sent some Mormons to help. I was amazed about their willingness to help especially since I didn't know any of them, and wouldn't seem them again. When I got to my new place I was invited out to church, I thought it was weird that everybody was saying they knew the church was true. How could they possible really know is what I thought. After going to church and whining about how my tie was chocking me I was surprised how nice everyone was just like those who helped me roof my mom’s house. I unfortunately have had some bad experiences with other churches being nice at church and then unfriendly out in public. Anticipating the same results I was pleasantly surprised about how many people were helping with moves and service projects, I then decided I would meet with the missionaries. After hearing their message about Christ and all the amazing truths that made sense and how they answered many of my questions that couldn't be answered in other churches I finally decided to read the book of Mormon and ask if it was true. I received an undoubting answer of yes but still had trouble believing Joseph Smith was a prophet, once again after prayer and a commentmet of following Jesus Christ I asked him if Joseph Smith was a prophet, that is when God gave me an undoubting and very personal answer of yes. I then used this pattern to increase my testimony in Christ and of his atonement. I find it reassuring that I use the same pattern 10 years later with all my questions both about the Church of Jesus Christ and in life's trials

How I live my faith

I love serving and helping others. I think that desire has always been there but am amazed about how much trouble I would get into as a youth. Looking back I believe it was misguided energy. I have had the opportunity through guidance and learning both from the LDS Church and life lessons to really find how and what I like to do. I find myself doing things I would never have thought of before but that have been so much fun and so rewarding personally. I really enjoy helping others with moves. I moved a lot as a young adult and it was difficult and stressful. When I am able to help relieve even just a little bit of that stress I feel like I have made a difference. Helping in the community has given me and continues to give me the sensation of a second chance from a loving heavenly father. I felt that I did not contribute to my friends and neighbors early on in my life. I don't do it out of guilt but of love and excitement that I am now able to help build things up instead of break them down. Through my service I am almost always blessed to learn new abilities and meet new people. My top three favorite service opportunities would have to be putting together care packages for our United States Military. I was blessed with the responsibility of coordinating and delivering the packages. We went around neighborhoods and gather food, packaged it and then took them to the post office for delivery. I was also blessed to be 11 year old scout leader. I was especially thankful for this opportunity because I never finished scouts as a youth and I seemed not only to help these young men who were under my direction but at the same time was able to learn so much more that I had missed out on myself in scouts. I was also blessed with directing and leading a group of men ages 18-50 for four years. One of the many things that I learned is with the Lord's help we can accomplish anything even with our faults and inexperience’s.