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Hi I'm Kaiti

I have a degree in Interior Design, I have a passion for horses, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born and raised in northern California and, although I live in Arkansas now, it will always feel like home to me. My family moved to Arkansas when I was 13 because my dad's job was transferred to a new location. It was a difficult transition at that point in my life, but I eventually grew to appreciate Arkansas and can now call it home as well. I am the second oldest child in a family of seven. My family is far from perfect, but I love them more than anything. My main interests include interior design, horses, and volleyball, but I am always up for trying new things. Organizing is another hobby of mine that has contributed to my interest in interior design. I think it's the thrill of seeing a significant positive change that has attracted me to interior design. I have always loved animals and was allured by horses at a young age. I took riding lessons when I was 11 and was able to do shows with the local 4H program. I owe that opportunity to a very generous lady who offered to teach me and let me lease her horse for free. I love just about anything active, so my mom encouraged me to play volleyball in high school. I was hesitant, but I ended up loving it. To this day, it is what I miss most about high school. I also enjoy writing and listening to meaningful music. I am a very happy and optimistic person. I am typically quiet and laid back, but I have a passion for life and all the people in it! They are what make life such a pleasure to live.

Why I am a Mormon

I could list many reasons why I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. However, the answer is plain and simple - it makes me happy! The happiness I am referring to is distinctly different. It can only be understood once it is felt. My membership of this church has brought me utter joy and peace by helping me find purpose and direction in life. I know that I am never alone, even through the most painful experiences in life. God exists! The universe is too perfect to be an accident of nature. As I have grown older, my understanding of this gospel has also grown. I have realized that commandments which may seem like restrictive chains are actually KEYS to unlock the chains of sin that bind us. The ability to have complete control of ourselves, regardless of temptations, is the ultimate freedom. I know, from experience, that no matter what the situation may be, if you do what is right, you WILL be happier. It really is that simple. As we come to know and understand God, it becomes easier to see what is right and what is not. I know that God loves us and wants us to be happy like He is. I believe that He has a very specific plan that leads us to eternal happiness. It makes perfect sense to me that He would provide us with knowledge of His plan through His gospel. I don't believe that a perfect God would send us here without a plan. I know He would not have us blindly wander around to fend for ourselves in our search for happiness. He loves us too much and desperately wants us back with Him someday! I have found that the more I study this Gospel and strive to live the principles I am taught, the more happiness and peace I find in life. My fears of what lies ahead seem to disappear. This Gospel teaches of Jesus Christ, our ultimate example of love and righteousness. I know that Christ is real and following His good example will bring us good things in return. I don't simply believe, I KNOW that this, the gospel of Jesus Christ, is true.

How I live my faith

Life as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is simple: Do what's right! As far as knowing exactly what that means-that's a daily battle. However, with practice, I have found that discerning right from wrong becomes much easier. By praying and studying the scriptures daily, I can have the Lord's guidance with me to help me know what to do. Also, attending church each Sunday, along with other weekly activities helps me stay on the right path. Those three key habits - prayer, scripture study, and church attendance, help me to be sensitive to the Spirit, which is Heavenly Father's influence in my life. He is always there in every moment of my life, but I have to be mindful of Him if I want to FEEL His presence. Each Sunday, as members, we renew the covenants we made at baptism - to always remember Christ. This is why attending church is so important. It reminds us of who we are as children of God and what we have committed to, teaches us how to better live our lives, and exposes us to other members who are trying to do the same. Although Sunday church meetings are our highest priority, each of the activities that occur during the week (such as seminary, conferences, and other fun, uplifting activities) supplement our growth as children of God and help us to unite with others who are also trying to live good lives. Some of my favorite activities are service activities. These allow us to be involved in the lives of others and in the community. Service is one of the best ways we can show our love for others. Although individual members are not perfect, as a church, we are open and loving to all people, whether they are interested in our beliefs or not. We believe in loving all people as the Savior did. No human being is superior to another. We take it upon ourselves to spread the Savior's love. This is the core reason why we do the things we do.