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Hi I'm Patrick M. Schmitt

I'm a Mormon. I was born and raised, except for 2 years, in California. I joined the church in 1972.

About Me

I was born and mostly raised in LA County, California. Graduated Venice High School in 1967. I finally opened up to the church when I was 23 and have had my ups and downs like anyone else. I am a widower with 2 grown children and one grandchild. Most of my extended family, brothers, nieces and nephews, great nieces and nephews all live in the same city. I am the only active member in the family. I enjoy and collect comic books (mostly super heroes). I enjoy the old Broadway musicals. I have had the personal experience of feeling the presence of my Grandmother and Grandfather when sealing them together for time and all eternity with their son who died of accidental poisoning at the age of 3. I gazed at the proxies at the alter and thought "Those are my parents" (as I was the proxy for my uncle). At the same time the woman representing my grandmother thought "That is their son". Nothing can shake my firm conviction that they were all there and were happy to finally be together for time and all eternity.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was 22 and going overseas in the US Navy I was finally coming to my need for a closeness with my heavenly father. My younger brother gave me a Book Of Mormon to read and I had brought my "Revised Standard" edition of the Holy Bible with me to read. When in the Philippines I bought "The Living Bible" and started reading that as well. I already knew that the church was based in the belief in Jesus Christ as the savoir of the world even though they had another book in addition to the Bible. Most "Christians" seemed to think, however, that the church worshiped Joseph Smith. When in the Philippines I went to the servicemans christian center where a meeting was being held. The speaker said in being a plane sitting next to a returning "Mormon Missionary" he got the impression that he was "Almost Christian". I turned to the young man sitting next to me and said "But they are Christian". He turned to me and spit out the retort "No they're not!" That closed mind got me to investigate further. On the way back from the "gun line" our ship dragged a magnetic mine along the hull and it exploded 20 feet aft of the "fantail" of the ship. They are supposed to explode on contact. I was already on my way to go home for my discharge and this was only one of the events on the way home that convinced me I was being protected by a power greater than man. When I had returned from my tour of duty and been discharged from the Navy I arranged with my brother to meet with the missionaries. The main one I remember was from Utah named Elder Saddler. From what I had read while overseas the elders were amazed at what I already understood only from the Bible. Within a month I was Baptized.

How I live my faith

I have had my ups and downs. I have experienced that hearing of that still small voice that guided me in times when I couldn't see a way out of my financial troubles. This was at the time that I was at my most spiritual. I have also been in the dregs of my own self pity when things have happened that I felt were out of my control. I have done some very unholy things that, if not repentant, would have gotten me expelled from the church. I am in the process of picking myself up again and this time I believe I will be able to endure. It is a step by step process. Through all of it I have never lost my belief even though my faith has wavered. I know that our Heavenly Father loves us even though he hates the sins we may commit. It's time to restart praying and reading the scriptures every day. Be a good a good Home Teacher to my families. Get back to being what in the old days was called a "Good Mormon"