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Hi I'm Jake Clark

My family and I live in Cottage Grove, home of the mighty Lions. I teach Social Studies and Spanish at a local High School.

About Me

I married way above my head and have 1 crazy son. My wife and I are both teachers. I teach Spanish and Social Studies at High School and coach girls basketball. I am an avid hunter (bears), fisherman (sturgeon), and outdoors fanatic. I read anything I can get my hands on and am actively involved in my community. I am a practicing musician (guitar player) and have played at numerous places in Oregon. I am also a bleeding heart social democrat. NO it isn't a sin or an oxymoron to be democrat and a temple attending LDS member.

Why I am a Mormon

I have always been a member of the church, however I was a very normal rebellious teenager. My mission was the turning point and best thing that happened to me. I figured out what I wanted in life while living amongst the wonderful Honduran people. I was walking in a area called Suyapa, one of the poorest areas in Honduras. I saw several kids playing soccer with a broken plastic ball in the dirt. They were naked, no clothes! They had a couple rocks set up for goals and were laughing and really enjoying themselves. I remember thinking "I get mad when my water is interrupted, or my power gets knocked out. These kids have nothing and they are happy." My whole perspective on life and what was important changed. They weren't concerned about having a new flat screen, stereo, or cell phone. They were ok scratching out a living, as long as their family was safe. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the key to understanding how to make society work, how to overcome all problems, and how to be happy. I know that I don't have to be perfect to believe and follow Christ. I know that I don't have to be a certain political persuasion. I know that I don't have to fit the stereotypical Mormon mode to be a member of this church. I have friends, good friends, who are not members of the church, who are not of the lifestyle that I have chosen to live, who are of different sexual preferences. It does not matter. Christ taught, "Love the sinner, hate the sin". Everyone deserves my love regardless of the decisions they make. It may be hard, but it is my goal.

How I live my faith

I live my faith everyday through the words and deeds that I do. I do not need to preach at or about my devout faith for people to see what I believe. I firmly believe in separation of church and state, but every school year I have students ask "Mr. Clark, are you Christian?" To which I reply "I can talk about that after class." I want people to see WHO I am, by WHAT I do. I am not perfect. I make plenty of mistakes. But I try to be a good ambassador of Christ and the Church. I want to be person that parents of kids can say "Be like Mr. Clark" and have the kids know that I try to be a good person every day of my life.