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Hi I'm Kelly

I like old cars, I work in the Semiconductor Industry, I have 17 children, 10 adopted, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a pretty average guy, yes it is true I have 17 kids but I still have all my hair and just recently some gray has started to pop up. (I deserve them all). My wife and I met in High School and after some college and a 2 year mission we married. We knew we would adopt but we just did not know when or where. Our oldest is 32 and our youngest is 7. The oldest and youngest are natural children. The youngest was a bit of a surprise but she is truly an angel sent by my late mother. Here is a fun fact. I have a granddaughter 4 months older than my daughter. I grew up loving sports, cars and having fun. I graduated with a Finance Degree but have been an Engineer for over 25 years in the Semiconductor Industry. Since most of this industry is based in Asia I travel to Asia often. We actually moved the family to Korea for 2 years. That was a great experience. We have 6 Asian children. 5 are handicapped but truly special children. Some really neat stories of how they came to be part of our family. I love old and odd cars. I have restored a few and currently have 3 in my garage. I like sports and try to watch a few of my favorite teams when I have time. (not too often). I recently lost an eye to Melanoma and now have a fake eye. Sure beats the other alternative. I am in Sales now and love working with people and customers. I would love to spend more time volunteering at my kid’s schools. Life is fun.

Why I am a Mormon

Even though I grew up a member of the Church I still had to know for myself that this truly is the Church of Jesus Christ. Having the opportunity to go on a mission for my Church was what really brought me to that knowledge. Meeting so many people both in and out of our Church was a real blessing. Not all were receptive to the message I brought. Most in fact were not. But talking to those that would listen regardless if they accepted it or not is how I learned. These were wonderful Pastors, Priests, Ministers and just plain down to earth people in the Midwest of our great country. What I found is that there are many great people in all religions. Most have a knowledge of God and Jesus Christ. Many are doing the very best they can and were just wonderful Christian people. This was a relief to me as from the outside all we mostly see is bad in the world. What I learned is that there is more to the Gospel of Jesus Christ than just what most people have. There is so much more. I know we have a Prophet that leads the Chruch of Jesus Christ today. What a blessing to know that God speaks to man like he did in the Bible times. I know that the fullness of the Gospel and the power to act is God's name has been restored in these last days. Now to many of you this may seem odd or not needed but I assure you that this is true. This does not make me any better than anyone else but it makes me able to follow our Savior in today's world. What a blessing to know what God wants us to do today. Just like I have juristiction of my family the Prophet has jursidiction of Christ's Church. I would not trade this gift I have for anything. No my kids are not perfect and yes we have the same trials and tribulations as many of you but knowing that I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ and that I can some day be with him again with my family is what I really treasure. God Lives, Jesus is the Christ and he speaks to a Prophet again today. That I know and leave with you.

How I live my faith

The best way to live your life is as an example. Now I will be the first to admit I am not the best example but I do try to live the best I can. Rules in our home include, everyone can say what I can say, eat and drink what I can eat and drink, watch what I watch and act as I act. This is hard as kids watch you very closely. I figure if I can do it why not them? We go to Church each week. Not an easy task trying to get 13 people dressed, fed and to Church each week. But so important. Just like eating breakfast we need our Spiritual feast each week as well. I love to support kids in sports and other activities. They can not do all and we do not push them to do all but what they enjoy. You name the sport and I have probably been there to support. With handicapped children we also have many doctors appointments and surgeries. I think I could be a doctor by osmosis. Getting pretty good a working with these kids. What special kids they are. My wife pushes me to help others as well. We have been foster parents for many years. Starting back 25 years ago. Such a need for many children that do not have the advantages that many of us have. Lately we have taken in Autistic children and my patience level has increased dramatically. I think all in all I try to live my life by how the Savior would like me to live it. Now I am not getting an A in this yet but I am working at it. I do know that doing what is right makes a happy home.

What do Mormons believe about Jesus Christ? Do Mormons believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God?

Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. He suffered and died for you and me. Not just on the cross but in Gethsemane. We all will be resurrected and will saved and live eternally but we must work and live like he would want us to live to earn the highest gift and that is to live with him and with our families. That is my goal. Jesus is the literal Son of God. He lives today. One thing I know is that Jesus is separate from his Father. These are 2 separate beings who love and cherish us and want us to return to them. When I pray, I pray to a loving Heavenly Father who loves and cares about me and wants me to do what is right. It is nice to know that God and Jesus Christ are real and are alive today and speak to us not only in personal prayer but through a Prophet of God who is on the earth today. Jesus Christ is the head of his Church. Show more Show less