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Hi I'm Cathy

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am 57 and female. I tried my hand at marriage once but it didn't work out. I have been single 4 quite a while - over 25 yrs as I have been quite cautious about choosing a mate. I would like a marriage where we are mutually kind and caring of each other. When I was married, we had 2 boys both of which are doing great in the gospel as they approach middle age. Despite my challenges, I know that I am still a Daughter of God and because of that, I also know that I am of great worth to my Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. I was an only child and had trouble with being the odd person in the crowd. Other kids were mean as that tends to be the norm. My parents divorced and I was left with the parent who seemed more withdrawn but more responsible. She was very talented in her career as an executive secretary though. Too bad it didn't rub off on me. Luckily, I had a few good friends as I was growing up. I love to knit and enjoy sewing. I have a lovely little Shih Tzu, Pojo, and a cat named Socks. Socks is the one who keeps tabs on any insects that may enter my abode as I live in Arizona. I enjoy genealogy but I've reached a stand-off but I'm hoping God will open a window for me as I get brave enough to test different avenues via the Internet.

Why I am a Mormon

Becoming a member of this Church was far from the easiest thing I've ever done. I was almost 20 yrs old when I was baptized. I was living in my first apartment with a roommate & had my first full time job. I had also recently met my first-ever boyfriend. His standards were not the same as those of the Church, so, I had 2 say good-bye. It was the social norm 2 enjoy the occasional drink. Luckily, I never enjoyed tea, coffee, smoking, or drugs. There was still a lot of changing 2 do when I first joined the Church but I got thru it. My roomate joined the Church on March 9th & I joined the Church on April 27th of 1974. I really didn't have much of what u wld call a religious background, so, going 2 Church every Sunday took a little getting used 2. I wasn't as 'gung-ho' as my roommate. I wld get home when she was in the middle of a discussion with the missionaries. My mouth dropped open as they asked someone 2 say a closing prayer. I always thght prayer was of such a personal nature, that the idea of saying a prayer in public was astounding. I tried & tried 2 read the Book of Mormon but always got stuck at a certain place. I wld put the book down & wld have 2 start over because I had forgotten what I read. Then, I wld get stuck again. I think the missionaries forgot 2 tell me how Nephi loved Isaiah. Once I got past that, I did much better & had lots of questions 4 the missionaries. The Book of Mormon is, by far, the greatest of all books that will bring u closer than u have ever been 2 a loving & living Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ. I wld say the time & place I recd my testimony was on the day my roommate got baptized. She was so beautiful all dressed in white. I couldn't restrain my tears. By that time, there was a different set of missionaries & I was learning 2 open myself 2 the truth. Of my early days in the Church, I remember being asked 2 say a closing prayer in Relief Society. My heart was in my throat. I was told I did a wonderful job.

How I live my faith

There really is a lot to being a member of this Church. I live my faith by living the precepts Jesus taught - to love one another, to bear each other's burdens that they may be light. I stay close to my Heavenly Father through reading the scriptures ... the Old Testament, the New Testament, The Doctrine & Covenants & the Pearl of Great Price. If I get down, I sing a Hymn, or even, a Primary song. I also stay close 2 my Heavenly Father by keeping His commandments. One of those basic commandments that most people ignore like keeping the sabbath day holy & keeping it separate & unique from the other days of the week by not shopping & refraining from watching too much TV, reading the scriptures, visiting the sick, spending time with family, etc. I like 2 share the gospel with friends & neighbors with an invitation to go to Church with me. I also like to give my friends and neighbors a Book of Mormon. I mark certain areas of the Book such as the Introduction, the part of Isaiah that Nephi loved (avoid), the visit of Jesus Christ 2 the ancient inhabitants of the Americas after His resurrection, & Moroni's promise 2 those who read the Book of Mormon with an open heart & a trusting mind. I attend my Sunday meetings & enjoy worshipping with my brothers and sisters. We trully r like a family. I spend time with my family when I can. They live abt 1 hr away & my car has just died but they need their space & I need mine so it all works out & I'm hoping I can get my car repaired even thgh it is very old. I've been away from the temple 4 a few years but I will be going back very soon. In our area, the Church is building 2 new temples & the Mormon Tabernacle Choir will be coming in Feb. 2012. Exciting things r happening in this area of the world as they r in many other areas as well. Since no one is paid in the Church, we all have 'callings'. My calling right now is 2 help our teachers b better teachers. It's called, 'The Teacher Development Instructor'.

What do Mormons believe about the Bible? Do they regard it as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

Joseph Smith, Jr. composed a series of thirteen concise statements called, 'The Articles of Faith' which give an overall view of our beliefs. Where the Bible & the Book of Mormon r concerned, he wrote: 'We believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly; we also believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God.' In our study of the gospel, as Latter-Day Saints, we emphasize individual study of the scriptures but we also go 2 our gospel study classes prepared to talk & discuss what we have read. I have never read the Old Testament & the New Testament completely thru from beginning 2 end but I'm working on it. We definitely study the Old & New Testament along with the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine & Covenants, & the Pearl of Great Price. The BEST thing to do in your study of the gospel is start with the basics - the scriptures . . . which definitely include the Bible. As Latter-Day Saints, we use the King James Version. The problem with the Bible is there are too many translations out there & it gets rather confusing with all the different interpretations. It also looses much of what was originally meant for our understanding. As Latter-Day Saints, we have been taught how blessed we are to have the Bible in our homes. In history, It was made available only after much sacrifice and labor. Show more Show less