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Hi I'm Laurie

I'm a Mormon. I didn't used to be. I'm a wife and mother of 9. I love to run, dance and plan activities.

About Me

I grew up in IL and moved to AZ when I was 16, this is when I found the gospel. I married my husband of almost 25 years when I was 19 and we proceeded to start our family. We have 9 children ranging from 23 - 8. Two are now married and I have three sweet grandbabies. I also have a son on a mission! I started running in my late 30's. I have run the Ragnar Relay Race three times, and have completed one mini Triathlon. As a family we run the Turkey Trot 10k every year together. I feel strong when I run and I like that! I also have gotten back into performing. I haven't done that since highschool! My husband and I performed in a community production of Hairspray with 3 of our children. So fun!! I've also directed and choreographed a few shows. I had forgotten how much I loved being on a stage. My family has dubbed me the "cruise director" because I'm always planning some different event. I enjoy people and being out doing things. I love the stress of putting everything together to make a fun event for people to enjoy. Of course, Christmas events are my favorite! Being religious doesn't mean you don't have any fun, its having fun in ways you will remember in the morning! Lastly, my very most favorite thing to do is be a Mom. I find no greater joy than having my family around me. Sometimes its hard, but always worth it! Nothing can fulfill me or make me feel more accomplished than do my children. I couldn't have known how much I would love being a mother. Ü

Why I am a Mormon

I had never heard of "mormons" when I moved to AZ. I was 16 and not looking for religion. I became acquainted with some kids who were members of the church at the highschool I attended. Within just a couple of months, I was baptized and have enjoyed the blessings of the gospel ever since. Having the knowledge that Jesus Christ lived and does now live gives perspective and joy and hope to my life. I have had many experiences where I have felt the love of my Heavenly Father, the assurance that He knows ME. The happiness in living a righteous life, with Christ as the focal point, is more abundant than in anything else you could do. Living free from addictions and so much of the filth in the world leaves for much more freedom and opportunities than does the enjoyment of a drink or an R rated movie. I CHOOSE to not participate in those things. In raising a family of 9 children, the concept of "eternal families" is of great importance to me. Because this church has the original priesthood authority, my family can be bound together for all eternity. Who wouldn't want that? Those of my family who are not members of the church are always puzzled by how I have been able to rear my children without a lot of the difficulties of the teenage years. I'm not saying the gospel makes life perfect, but it's teachings gives my children reasons to be good and to look forward to the great promises that are made in making righteous decisions. They see the wisdom of staying close to your family, in being chaste and in keeping their bodies clean from harmful substances. They too, feel the love of a Father in Heaven who cares for them and knows them personally. Of all things, I'm a Mormon because in no other way have I found such inner peace and joy. It's such a blessing to have all the true principles of Christ's church when He was on the earth. Being a Mormon really means being a disciple of Christ, trying to live as He would and follow His teachings.

How I live my faith

Living my faith is the easiest part! We read scriptures and pray with our kids before they leave the house in the mornings. We try to relate our trials and hardships to things in the scriptures. Above all things, we encourage our family to turn to the Lord in times of need, to give thanks for all He's blessed them with. When you have gratitude, it's easier to bear the burdens. We spend one night a week together as a family, doing wholesome activities and teaching gospel principles. We attend church every Sunday and leave the day open for activities that draw us closer to Christ. I have the opportunity to teach the teenage girls in our church. To help them understand their great role in the plan of Happiness. To plan activities that will build their self esteem and teach them how to be virtuous and confident women. It's been most rewarding because my own daughter is among that group of girls and it's been so wonderful to share in this time of her life. We create service opportunities for the girls so they can learn that "when you are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God." We teach them how to date appropriately and to honor and protect their virtue, to know the importance of marriage and family. Personally, I try to make choices that will be in accordance to God's will. To love others and see them as the Savior would. I'm still working on this one, but I'm always happier when I can refrain from judging or gossiping. It's fulfilling to serve those around you, to help make their burdens light. To have a family and support network of people who believe as you do and are also trying to live the gospel teachings. It's easier to be good when the people around you are good. I'm constantly humbled by the strength I gather from the amazing friends and family I have been blessed with. I try to remember to express that gratitude to my Heavenly Father every day in prayer. Life is easier with God at the helm.