What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Julie

I am a Mormon. I am a wife, a mother of five, and I volunteer my spare time in a non-profit organization that blesses lives.

About Me

I would describe myself as an energetic and motivated person. I was raised by a strong-willed mother who pushed us every day to achieve excellence. She was a work horse! I'm so grateful for it as an adult, especially when I recall the years she had to be a single mother. Instead of turning us against our father the way many would have in her situation, she plunged forward and took five kids to church every week, always working to show us more about how Jesus Christ would bless our lives. I am now a mother of five children myself. Every day I am grateful for a wonderful husband who honors women and loves me, and is there for my children. He knows how to be a faithful, married spouse. After my upbringing from a father who left our family, it is a comfort and a strength. I know this is only because he was raised in a faith-filled family with parents who loved him. He is also good to us because he believes in Jesus Christ, his power to heal and comfort us all, as well as forgive us. One of my favorite things about my family is that we love to sing together. I was raised in an extremely musical family and we are working to help our children to be so as well. We are part of a great choral organization that is a non-profit business working to spread great musical and spiritual experiences to our community and those we can reach. I LOVE being a part of that and being a Mormon.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon by birth and training, but also very much so by choice. As a child, the feelings I had when in Church or Family Night (Monday evenings) made me feel better than when I was anywhere else. I didn't understand fully at the time what I do now, that those feelings were blessings of doing what was right and were feelings of the Holy Spirit comforting and bringing peace to my mind and heart. However, I knew I wanted to have more of those moments and feelings in my life more often. When I was a young girl my father left our family. It was a devastating and damaging experience. But my mother took us to Church every week and still talked of how a family can be together forever, if we do what is right. We knew from her example that families don't give up on each other simply because one person makes a bad choice. A few years later when she married my step-dad, we were able to again be part of a family where our parents had been married in the sacred temple. As I watched my mother learn to fully love and support another husband, I was blessed with the knowledge that her marriage in the temple was of God. As a teenager, I grew up in a place where many people tried to challenge my faith and beliefs. I had some very close friends of all faiths, including non-faiths such as the concepts of agnostic and atheism. Their questions and true beliefs that were very different than mine caused me to reflect much on my beliefs and I was able, as a youth, to learn what I really believed in through study and prayer and gaining sure testimony of the truth of what I had been brought up with. I declare, with no doubt, that the Church I belong to is true. Jesus Christ is the head of the Church, and we believe in Him. I believe Him and am eternally grateful for his Atonement that has allowed me to be forgiven of my sins when I am humbled and come unto Him. I know that there is a prophet of God on Earth today. I believe God speaks to men now as he did in the Bible.

How I live my faith

I live my Faith by being a willing volunteer and serving wherever I am asked to serve. We believe that a Bishop is called by God to help the members they are assigned over. I accept the callings my Bishop gives me and do them willingly so that I can help bless the lives of others and be what God would want me to be. I have had some great opportunities to help youth learn about our Savior and watch the blessings it brings to their lives to be Mormon. I have also taught little 3 year olds about Jesus and how he loves them. Because I love to sing, I have led choirs and helped spread the truths about our Savior through music. Music reaches hearts of people better than most things can, so I love being able to share the messages of hope about our Savior in this way. When serving in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I feel I am giving back to God for all of the many, many blessings He gives to me. It doesn't matter if I'm helping a group of adult women understand something in the scriptures, helping a child learn to sing a song of faith, or helping a neighbor by bringing a meal when they are most in need. Any ways I serve bless not only others lives, but my own and my family. I can't see a better way for my children to be brought up than for them to watch and help as their parents participate in serving others. We have so little humble gratitude in our world that I feel it the biggest blessing to be able to help my children know how to express that and serve others so they can thank our Heavenly Father for all He has done for us. I also live my faith by having Family Nights. This is every Monday evening, and we get together and teach important things about the Book of Mormon and the Bible, as well as play games, have a treat, and enjoy time together. With very busy lives, this is such an important thing for families andit has blessed us immensely.

What is the Relief Society?

Relief Society is the most amazing women's organization, and the largest and oldest in the world. It helps women understand who they truly are, what great purposes they have in this life, and how to spread that great knowledge to those within their influence. Through meetings on Sunday and another week day about once a month, women can come together and feel unity, purpose, and a desire to become better women, aunts, wives, mothers, and caregivers. Being a member of the Relief Society is fulfilling and helps you to accomplish the daily tasks in life with purpose, even when some could feel mundane or less meaningful otherwise. Relief Society, most impressively, provides relief to those in need. Until you've been a part of an effort to bless lives of everyone around you so fully, you can't know the way it makes you feel. It's empowering, and gives you motivation to be a better person. Relief Society, in my opinion, not only provides relief to others, but saves you as a person as you serve within it. Show more Show less