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Hi I'm Elaine

I love family, sports, history, travel, fresh flowers, chewy cookies, brisk morning walks, and being a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a married mother of five children, one deceased. While my husband enjoys watching old movies, I'm viewing the latest sporting event: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse, Track & Field, Gymnastics, etc. they are all my favorite! I'm an administrative assistant in an elementary school but my daily passion is a brisk morning walk with friends, time with family, finding deeper understanding of history and scripture, and dreaming of vacations with my husband to far away places.

Why I am a Mormon

My goodly parents taught me at a young age to be respectful and kind to others. They taught me honesty, compelled me to have integrity, encouraged me to share and serve others when able, and to have an attitude of gratitude. While I was encouraged to think independently, and gain knowledge and pursue talents, I was also taught the importance of respecting the wisdom of others. I believed I was born in a promised land of opportunity, a land established by God, and to respect and give thanks for such a blessing. I was taught that I was part of an eternal family with a Heavenly Father, who like my earthly father, loved me and that an elder brother, Jesus Christ, had made it possible for me to make mistakes in life and through repentance and His grace, return to that eternal Father with my earthly family again. When at the age of 18 I went out on my own in search of a way to worship such a God, I looked for a church that taught these same values and beliefs. I knew for me the religion would recognize the distinction between God, the Father of our spirits, and God, the Savior Jesus Christ. Such a church would teach me respect, love, integrity and sacrifice. There were many churches involved in good works, but it was the doctrine that began the elimination process. As I studied the scriptures more intently, I came to better understand the purpose and plan of deity. I compared the organization of the Church of Jesus Christ as established in His day, to churches existing today. Over the years that search has lead me to a thoughtful membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It's teachings mirror those found in the bible, an organization with Jesus Christ at its head, that is the same today as it was anciently. It teaches me how to be a good person, provides opportunities to serve others, to sacrifice, increase in talents and knowledge, and the importance of God and family. It gives hope, understanding, happiness, and purpose to my life.

How I live my faith

Each night I pray I will live and love more like Jesus Christ. He is my example, and my goal is to be more like Him. I try to be honest and kind. I try not to judge others, just treat them with respect and value. I offer help when able sharing my time, talents and possessions. I am faithful in the payment of tithes and offerings and attend church at least once a week. Sunday is a sacred day for me. I spend time with family, visiting others and focusing more on my Savior than the world. I read scriptures and pray daily so I might have His spirit with me. I recognize how blessed I am to live where I do and I take an interest in local and national debates. I care for and love deeply my family and try to strengthen family bonds in ways that will bind us together for eternity.