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Hi I'm Stu

I am an athlete, type A fun guy, I fix the worlds teeth, I love people, I am fascinated with learning, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was raised in a pretty normal family....hah just kidding. I grew up in a bit of a broken family. I attending public schools, always did my best to study hard and have fun with my friends. I always have wanted to excel in what I do. I love playing sports. I think I have been playing sports since I could walk. I did good with the books and sought out a good college degree. I went on to get a doctorate degree and began practicing Dentistry. I want the things that most people want. I love to spend time with my friends, anything is fun to me as long as I am among friends. I want to have a family that gets along, where I can raise kids in a loving home, watch the excel in what they do, and teach them great values. I want my own parents, brothers and sisters to experience the best things in life, and I hope to get to live with them forever after I die and leave this world. I began early to be interested in serving people across the world. I don't like to see others suffer, or have less than myself. I like to do my best to share what I have with others. It makes me happy to see others smile....hence dentistry....hence I love to travel to other countries and participate in service projects that help out the poverty stricken people of the world. I recently traveled to Napal in Asia.

Why I am a Mormon

I chose to be a Mormon because personal character is the most important thing to me and learning from Jesus Christ has made it possible for me to be a better person. Being the youngest of six kids, I was perceptive as a child to watch the example of my older siblings. I also took note of my friends. I learned very young that choices in life are always linked to consequences. I was interested in what kind of choices would bring me happiness, and help me avoid pain. Later on I read in the Book of Mormon something a prophet of the Lord Jesus Christ said to his people. He said to them that had it not been for the records of the prophets that had been handed down from generation to generation and taught among the people, they would have ended up as there other brothers in another land who are without the records and dwindle in unbelief. I realized that in my life I had the teachings of the Book of Mormon that had guided my choices and helped me to build a strong character. Those around me who did not have the teachings and records that contain the commandments of God were constantly making choices that were bringing them heart ache and frustration. I was enjoying great peace, and they were experiencing sometimes periods of happiness but never lasting peace and happiness. I gained my own personal witness at that time through that understanding and a very strong feeling in my heart through the power of God that the teachings of Christ found in the Book of Mormon and in the Holy Bible concerning a Savior Jesus Christ are absolutely true and the key to happy families, peace on earth, and Eternal Joy after death.

How I live my faith

Each day when I get up I read from the Bible and the Book of Mormon. I pray to God and tell him what I am very grateful for. I ask him for help to make this world a better place for people. I ask him to help me find those people who are in need of a friend and could use a little extra support to find happiness. I am living my faith when I remember Christ in my life and try to live after His example. He showed us how to unconditionally love everyone, and how to serve each other, and to care for each person as an individual. When I meet people I try to see them as my brother or sister, part of the larger human family created by God. I attend worship services and make commitments to God to improve the person I am while I have time in this life, and I learn from others how to do so. Through study, prayer, and worship I learn about my purpose here on earth, and how to fulfill that purpose. I am so happy and at peace when I feel close to Jesus Christ and God my Father in Heaven.