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Hi I'm Robin

I am a retired Air Force veteran with a diverse religious family background. I have loved God all of my life and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am the mother of two sons. I have been divorced about 11 years and through a very interesting course of events have been able to stay home and raise my boys since the summer of 2007. Our road has most certainly not been an easy one, but our challenges have made us closer and stronger. In my previous life, I was a dedicated member of America's Air Force, 18 years actually. I fell ill in 2004 with incurable ailments contracted during one or both of my deployments to Southwest Asia during the Persian Gulf War. I was retired in April of 2004 and have been battling autoimmune illness ever since. Those I believed to be friends soon disappeared, as did family. My ex-husband took our sons back to his hometown under false pretenses and I was heartbroken. I was unable to work and was forced to slow my life down significantly. Soon a ll of my investments, savings, etc were depleted, gone and soon after, so was my home. My sons father told them they could never leave him until they were grown...

Why I am a Mormon

I have loved God with all of my heart for all of my life. I have never NOT know that Jesus Christ was the Savior of the world. What I did NOT understand was how a loving God could send a good man or woman who had never heard the name of Jesus to "hell" or how a pastor who claimed to be God's mouthpiece could admonish his struggling congregation for not paying an honest tithe while he was drawing a significant church salary, driving luxury cars, dressed in designer suits and often living in a home whose mortgage was paid by the church. These and other fundamental issues kept me searching and asking questions. As I got older I looked back on my search, and clergy I offended with my questions along the way. My heart burned with the knowledge that God is more real and relevant today than he has ever been and I concluded that "God does not change to make society feel better about its choices and God can withstand any question or test. Man cannot." I decided that I would seek God only, not religion, and HE would lead me to the truth. I prayed earnestly: "God, whatever you will is for my life, I will do it and if there is anything standing in the way of it, please remove it." That prayer was in 2004 and changed the entire course of my life. Last year, my health was continuing to decline and I knew I could not get better where I was. Once I decided to move to Arizona, things that seemed to have nothing to do with one another just fell into place. I had no family there, had never even BEEN there! But by November, I'd found us a home and by December my sons joined me. My neighbors were Mormon and called members of their church to help me move in. The crew included two missionaries who came back later to give me lessons. No one was "selling" anything. No ranting or bashing of other faiths. They simply said, "Read this. Ponder it, pray and ask if it is true". And I did. Things I'd carried in my heart all my life, now made sense and I knew it was true...

How I live my faith

Faith isn't for the faint hearted! The Church means something on the earth and in these latter days it was AFTER my conversion that the work began. The necessary purging and refining process has been so hard, but I regularly remind myself that if the right thing were easy, everyone would do it. So I gladly endure and keep moving forward. Between School, scouts and my health I thought my plate was full. But now in addition to my visiting teaching, I have my calling as a visiting teaching supervisor, and it is wonderful as relationships are what make this church function as well as it does and our ward family is magnificent. Every member is important and I take great comfort in the fact that my gifts and talents will be used as Heavenly Father sees fit, not be exploited for the gain of others and to my detriment as has happened in my past. I can love others and serve freely which is what I have loved to do all of my life! I live to serve my sons at home which can be very tricky as a single mom. But those boys had their own questions and their own personal journeys and tragedies to contend with, but eventually made their own decisions to convert and be baptized. What a difference it has made in their lives. I am eternally grateful to have two young, committed young men in our home when just months before my oldest boy was an atheist and "D, F" student. Because of the Gospel, I am no longer a single parent and I have clarity to lead my home like never before. I cannot get enough of the Gospel and so I read and study, study and read and at every turn EVERYTHING makes more sense. As I continue to serve others and my own purpose comes into sharper focus; as I see the fruits of the Church's many programs that constantly help others regardless of faith, without seeking recognition; as I follow the commandments and remain worthy of the companionship of the Holy Ghost; as I see the demonstrative love people have for one another...I know this Church is true.