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Hi I'm Nate

I am an Avionics Engineer and a Cyclist. I enjoy college sports, I'm a foodie and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a husband and father of a young family. I have a master's degree in electrical engineering with an emphasis in robotics/control systems and currently work as a rocket engineer. I have been fortunate to follow interesting paths and be rewarded with more interesting opportunities than I could have ever hoped for growing up on a dairy farm. I am fortunate to live in a place where I can still participate in the hobbies that I most enjoy which generally involve the mountains. Mountain Biking, Skiing, Cycling, running, camping and the myriad other activities that mountains offer give me the opportunity to get away from the hectic life of a young professional trying to keep up with work and family. The peace, beauty and serenity ground me when it seems the day to day tasks try to overwhelm my sense of who I am and what life is about. Meanwhile, I try and take advantage whenever I can to explore the world through food as so much of who we are is tied up in what and how we eat. Time and cost may limit my travel abroad, but I can always find something somewhere to broaden my horizons across the globe by trying some cuisine from a location that I will likely never reach. Food puts the world at my doorstep.

Why I am a Mormon

Although the LDS church has been apart of my life since I was born, each person has to understand for themselves who they are and how they should live there lives. For me, it came as a young boy after my parents had both passed away due to illness. My oldest sibling determined to come home to prevent the family from being split up in foster care or adoption and we were generally left to our own devices in a small farm town. As one can imagine, my older siblings had enough on their plates just finishing growing up, taking care of the basic necessities and dealing with their own troubles before helping a little brother understand who he was, what life was about and how God fit into the whole scheme of things. My struggles continued for a few years until I was about 9 in the darkest time of my life. Although young, I was fairly serious of mind and came to a conclusion, either God existed and there was a point to my misery, or He didn't and therefore morality didn't matter because it was all made up for no reason. In order make the determination if God existed, I read the Book of Mormon (it was next to the Bible but is quite a bit smaller so less intimidating to a 9 year old to pick up and read) just to find out who He was and who Jesus Christ was. After months, I finally neared the end of the book and found a promise that if I asked sincerely, God would manifest the truth of the Book to me. Early attempts to simply pray about the Book of Mormon yielded little, but one day, when I was in my darkest point, I prayed with my whole heart to know if God was really there. All of my anger, sorrow and frustration poured out. Then a feeling swept over me and a drain opened in my soul and all of that pent up sadness drained out and my whole soul was filled with light and hope. I knew God existed and there was a point to it all. The Book of Mormon was true and greatest of all, I was not alone. My life changed that day, and I have never went back.

How I live my faith

My faith in God supports me in everything that I do in my life. His guidance helps me to navigate this life in the midst of the chaos and confusion that threaten to deafen out the hope and beauty in the world. I rely on His help in work, as a parent and as a person to help me be better than I am. Truly, the Lord is in charge and trusting in that fact allows me to know that everything will turn out for the best and I can hope for a better life each day than those I have seen before. I know that as I live by His word, I will be prepared for whatever challenges life throws at me for He will guide me through as I trust in Him. Over the years since I have been active in the church, I have had the opportunity to share my beliefs as a teacher to adults as well as children. I have also had the opportunity to share my hope in Christ with those around me. Knowing that I can be forgiven of my weaknesses and be the person that I know I am in my heart, gives me courage to be that person in deed as well as desire. That knowledge gives me the desire to share that joy and hope to others because I know I would be lost without it. Living life without knowing my Savior and Heavenly Father would leave a great hole in my soul, so I want to give others the opportunity to fill that hole for themselves as well.