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Hi I'm Lorenzo

I grew up in Pescara, Italy, I work in the music industry as composer and producer and I am a Mormon.

About Me

My world is Music. I love it, I study it and I work with it. I grew up in a family of musicians and artists which helped me to develop a deep love toward this beautiful art that God made for our enjoyed. I used to be Catholic, so I grew up with a basic knowledge of God and religious enviroments. Despite my religious background, I never let "religion" influence my life too much. I used to approach my life according to scientific teachings and human evidences, not caring too much on what God had to teach me about it. Now I believe to have a stronger and wider point of view about my life and what I should expect from it as well as what I should do to make it better. I have a strong belief in our personal potential as children of God to accomplish great things.

Why I am a Mormon

Discovering the Gospel of Jesus Christ it's been basically one of the few greater things that I ever experienced in my short life. I was taught by missionary, just like me now, whose faith and confidence in my potential were so great and strong that even I was much surprised. I lived with another kind of principles till 18 years old, so my conversion was a good life-style changing for me. I love this Church. The first reason is because is the original Lord's Church, and secon of all because the principles that it teaches are absolutely perfect for a world like ours nowadays. Through our personal relationship with God, our Heavenly Father, I came to know that this is His Son's Church, that Joseph Smith was really a prophet of His and that God wants us all back to Him. What a great blessing to know these things: to know that there is more to know, to do and to experience. This Gospel made me happier, more confident in my talents and more knowledgeble that I ever been. But most of all made my family more united and happy. I invite you all to find out.

How I live my faith

In my city, Pescara, we are a ward of about 80 members, belonging to the area of Rome. Our ward is growing fast and is blessing people's lives all around our area. Right now I'm a Missionary, a volunteer for this Church. My 2 years's job is to invite others to come unto Christ and to receive, by the power of their commitment, all the blessings that God has promessed us. I'am serving in London area and I'm loving it. Serving in the Church is a privilege and a blessing. I love my calling to be a rappresentative of Jesus Christ. I strongly believe in His Gospel. I've seen his hands in my life too many times to deny it. I'm a active member of the church and my commitment is strong as my faith, which is growing day by day. I put my trust in the Lord's promise that as long as I give my best in studying His words, praying and living the commandamets, I will be happier and blessed with all that I need. Now this doesn't necessarily mean that I won't go through trials and challenges throughout my life, but means that I will be stronger, more ready and more prepared to face them when they come...'cause they always come! The Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Church are making me a better person with higher values, stronger faith and stronger love toward every children of God.

What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

As a convert, I've seen many friends turning away from me because of my choice to become mormon, without knowing, or without wanting to know, that my life-style wasn't going to change that much. Differences? Well, let see: I don't drink anymore, which makes me healthyer; I don't smoke anymore, which, a part from the health, makes my smell more pleasant when I'm with friends; I don't drink coffee or tea...which I guess is just like if I say "I don't eat eggs, or meat". And I don't do drugs. I choose to give to a sexual relationship with my partner an higher meaning, putting it after my marriage. I choose not to partake of earthly and addictive means like pornography. I go to church every sundays, which recharges me for the week to come. There I've got the opportunity to serve my fellow brothers and sisters, to uplift them and to be uplifted by their teachings. So instead to sleep all morning long, I go to church and I learn something concerning my life and what the Lord is expecting me to do and to be. Now if we put all this together, we surely realize that my life style isn't only not changed too much, but is improved very much. I took what it was harmful for my life and I put it away, putting in, at its place, something better, much much better. I found great friends and a big family and for this I'm graeteful. I love the way I'm living my life right now. Show more Show less