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Hi I'm Tina

I'm a Mormon. I was born and raised in California. I like to read, sew, knit, sing, play the harp, and outdoor activities.

About Me

I married at the age of 18 and started having children right away. I had my 4th child the day before I turned 24. We had wonderful family times together. While the children were young I ran a child-care facility in my home. We always had other children there to play with. My husband had a gun shop, so we did a lot of outdoor activities and the children and I became well educated and experienced with firearms. My mother taught me to sew, embroider, knit and crochet when I was young. I made many of my own clothes as I was growing up, including my prom and wedding gowns. It has always been a favorite thing for me to do for my children. Halloween was especially fun, as I got to make all kinds of wonderful costumes. Music has always been a love of mine. I sing every chance I get. When my youngest child started high school, I was finally able to take harp lessons. We had home schooled up to high school, so I had my days free now for the first time since I became a mother. It still takes me a long time to learn to play a song, but it is so beautiful an instrument and sound, it is worth all the time and effort. My children are now grown and starting families of their own, except my youngest, who is on a mission. I am very proud of all 4 of my children. They give me great joy. I became a grandmother this year and wish I was not so far away from my grandson. Right now I work as a doctor's office receptionist. It is a new path for me.

Why I am a Mormon

The gospel makes so much sense. I have always been one to ask, "why?" If I get a good answer, then I don't have a problem obeying. The Church has all the answers. God is our Heavenly Father. He isn't just some "force" or "intelligence" or "cosmic power". He is an all-loving, all-knowing, all-powerful, perfect parent. He knows me better than I know myself and loves me despite my weaknesses because he sees my potential and wants to help me reach it. He wants to share with me everything he has because I am his child and he loves me. Because I am a mother of more than one child, I have a small understanding of how he can love EVERYONE, all of his children, even when they make mistakes and even though we are all so different from each other. I am so grateful that he laid out the Plan of Salvation for us, so that we could choose how far we wanted to go in his great universe. How much we wanted to learn and what we wanted to become, and then work toward that goal. I am so grateful that our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, was willing to come to Earth and perform his Father's will on our behalf. Jesus never did any selfish thing. Every waking moment he was about his Father's business. He lived a perfect life as an example to us. When I need strength, I think of Christ and the life he lived and the way he conducted himself, and it gives me the courage to do what is right, even if it is not the easy thing. When another person does something to hurt me, I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love that person just as much as they love me, and I have no right to judge my brother or sister. I have to love them too, and leave everything in God's hands. None of us have "earned" God's love. God loves us because of the kind of person he is, not because of the kind of people we are. Therefore, if I want to be more like Christ and my Heavenly Father, I need to love my fellow man. Jesus suffered and died for us so that we can be with him eternally.

How I live my faith

Going to church for me is more fun than any other activity. If there is a social event of some kind and a church event, I would much rather go to the church event. The people I am able to surround myself with from church are the best caliber people I've ever known. I've spent many years teaching children both during Sunday lessons and during the week, like in Cub Scouts. The children's organization in the church is superior to any other children's organization. I have also been able to teach the gospel to teenagers at early morning classes before school begins and adults during Sunday School. What a great way to get to know people! I love the gospel and the scriptures and could talk about them all day long. The Church gives its members leadership opportunities, training in a wide variety of crafts and skills of every kind, and service opportunities, which gets people out of themselves and their troubles and thinking about others, which invariably makes one happier. The blessing to have certain sisters and brothers assigned to you that you know will watch out for you and take care of you, come and visit with you so you can pray together and study the gospel together in a one-on-one setting is especially unique to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. To have the opportunity to serve in this capacity and have others under your responsibility is an honor and a joy. Every church has a choir. No matter where I live, I make sure I join the choir immediatly. Singing the hymns is comforting. It is a wonderful way to feel and invite the Spirit. Some of the greatest gospel sermons ever taught were through a hymn. Some of the best music in the church is the music we teach our children. They spend at least a half hour singing every Sunday. Those songs will stay with them throughout their lives to lend them strength, peace and remind them of gospel truths. The gospel isn't just for Sunday. It is an every day, every hour way of life.

Why is it important for us to take care of our bodies? Why are our bodies called temples of God in the Bible?

Our bodies are the crowning, most beautiful of God's creations. They are absolute marvels and we should be eternally grateful for them and respect them. We only get one! It is important to take care of our bodies because we can not be free to make our own choices if we are enslaved to needs of our own making, like addiction or illness. Not all illnesses are caused by our choices, but most are. If you would like to go hiking, but your body is not capable of doing so, you miss out on something wonderfully wholesome and uplifting. Likewise, if you are too drunk to function, what service are you going to be to your fellow man? You can not give to others if you have nothing to give, no matter how generous your heart is. Our bodies are temples because the Holy Spirit, a member of the Godhead, is able to come and dwell in our bodies at times. He needs to be able to do this to testify to us of truth. God will not dwell in unholy temples. We must keep our bodies clean and pure so that the Spirit will always be welcome. If our mind is befuddled because we have filled it with vulgar things, the Spirit will not be able to communicate with us. We deprive ourselves of far too much if we only care about pleasing our bodies and neglect our spirit. Physical pleasures that hurt our bodies in the long run are always temporary, anyway. Things like drugs, immorality or overeating. They are never worth the price they extract. Show more Show less