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Hi I'm Erin.

I'm a home-schooling Mom to three kids and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a Mom to three amazing kids and a wife to a hard-working, faithful man. We recently relocated our little family from the Sunshine State to the rainy Pacific Northwest, and are really enjoying the beauty and weather here (and we recognize that might make us weird). A few things about me: In my pre-kids life, I worked as a School Psychologist / School Counselor and loved it. I have a tendency to eat my words. As a prime example, I am now home schooling my kids, even though just a few short years ago I was a staunch opponent of home schooling. I love to plan and dream big, and frequently bite off more than I can chew. Reading is my favorite past time.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into a family where the Church and the Gospel were foundational. We attended church every week and I loved going to my primary and youth classes. I enjoyed learning the scripture stories and was blessed with a believing heart; the doctrines I learned seemed sweet and pure and true to me. I recall attending conferences as a youth where I and my peers had opportunities to stand and share our testimonies. Frequently, the testimonies of these other youth sounded something like this: "I had many doubts about the church...so I prayed and felt the Holy Ghost confirm to me that the Church is true." After hearing so many similarly themed testimonies, I began to question my own experiences and even my own testimony. "Is there something missing from my testimony?" I wondered. "Why haven't I doubted? Why haven't I had that same experience? Do I really have a testimony?" As I pondered these thoughts, a thought came clearly to my mind: "My Daughter, you've always known." Peace flooded through me. I had always known. Since then I've had countless other experiences where I have felt the confirming influence of the Holy Ghost, reaffirming what I've always known, and continue to learn, line upon line, precept upon precept: - Jesus is the Christ. He lived to set the perfect example, and died as a sacrifice for my sins. His Grace is the only path back to live with my Father in Heaven. He was gloriously resurrected on the third day. - The Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored by the Prophet Joseph Smith in these latter-days. - The Book of Mormon contains the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. - We are led by a living prophet today. - God loves me, as he loves all of his precious children, and hears and answers my prayers.

How I live my faith

As I've begun my own family, my faith has become ever more important and precious to me. I'm striving every day to put my will in line with my Father in Heaven's will for me and to become the person He wants me to be. This is especially difficult because I'm naturally prideful and independent and like to be in control. I fall short every day. However, I've learned that His Plan for me is better than my plan for me, and I'm working to put my trust in him. I have three beautiful children and I consider being their mother as my greatest blessing and responsibility. There was a time when I wondered if we would be able to have children. As months, and then years, of infertility passed, I came to a point where I realized that the deepest desire of my heart was to be a mother. When we were blessed with our daughter, I no longer thought of anything I "gave up" (including a career as a School Psychologist that I loved) as a "sacrifice." Being a mother fills my heart with gladness and thanksgiving. I try to live my life such that my kids will know of my testimony. I hope that they can say, as did the Stripling Warriors in the Book of Mormon, "we do not doubt our mothers knew it" (Alma 56:48). Of course, there is a tremendous gap between where I want to be and where I am, but this desire helps guide and sustain me. I want my children to know how much happiness and joy I find in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I want them to experience the same joy and happiness. Our Gospel and our Faith is not Sunday-based. It's all day, every day. It is the fabric of our lives, and trying to separate out what is gospel-related and what is not, is an exercise in futility.