What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Sheri

I'm a Mormon. I am a native Texan. I am an author who has survived cancer four times. I am a Mormon

About Me

I have lived in Texas my entire life, specifically Houston and Pearland. My career was in the international transportation industry, and I have also worked as a counselor intern in the Alcohol and Drug Abuse counseling feild. I worked with urban street youth and young adults as well as youth in transitional living settings. My last two positions were totally different, as I was an assistant manager in a restaurant as well as a care-giver for disabled adults. Now I am disabled, unable to work due to cancer and the residual effects and chronic problems that resulted from so much intense radiation. My first cancer was in 1986 when I was twenty-six. The last three cancers have been within the last 4 years. Currently, I am tumor free and am only dealing with the long term effects and wound care. I have been truly blessed and I am in awe over the healing power of faith, prayer, and the love and support of those in my life. I am sure that priesthood blessings have also benefited me and are responsible for my current status. I have a wonderful husband, two adult daughters, an adult step-son, and four grandchildren who are the lights of my life. At the age of 51, I reached my life-long dream and goal of writing and publishing a book that would help others. My first book, "Feel Your Way Home", was published in early 2011. It testifies of the glory we receive when we walk in faith, love others as Christ loves us, and endure all of our adversies and trials until the end.

Why I am a Mormon

I have been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints all of my life, on my mother's side of the family. I was baptized and confirmed when I was the age of eight. My mother married a non-member. I also married out of the church, so I was inactive many years, and was in and out of church often. I have always known, as long as I can remember, that I was not from here and that this is not my true home. I have always felt that the church was the true church of Jesus Christ and is run exactly as He ran His. As an adult in a frightening world filled with turmoil and adversity, I had to confirm this and know with every fiber of my being that this is the truth. I had to gain my own testimony. I used the tools I was given as a child by family and church leaders that we are to use when we are in search of knowledge. I followed the instructions that Joseph Smith read as he searched. As my personal relationships with my Heavenly Father and His only begotten son, Jesus Christ began to grow, I was given the answers I sought through confirmation of the Holy Ghost. When I follow the church teachings, study the gospel, obey the commandments, heed the guidance of the prophets, share my testimony, and serve others with Christ-like love, I am blessed in all areas of my life. Those around me are blessed as well. When I live contrary to the church teachings, pain and heart-ache follow and problems always arise. I know this is the true chuch of Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

As a cancer patient, I had to find ways to live my faith that did not require physical exersion and that I can do around my medical treatment. I have been greatly blessed. I am sure that these great blessings are a result of strong faith, continued hope at all times, and always sharing the love of Jesus Christ, no matter the where I am or what I am doing. In all situations, I look forward to sharing with others my knowledge that Jesus Christ lives and He loves us and is aware of us. I find it amazing that, without fail, when I am at the M D Anderson Cancer Center, I run across an opportunity to share His love with someone else. I share with these individuals how I choose to battle cancer with a spirit of joy and happiness and how my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ casts away any hopelessness or despair that my try to bear its ugly head. I listen to their stories and show appreciation for their willingness to allow me into their own lives and stories of their experiences. Even my physicians and techs have expressed their amazement at my joy. This brings other opportunities to share how Christ's love and His teachings heal. Outside the medical community, I strive to seek out those who may need service, may need a friend to listen to their hurts, may be in need of a meal or clothing, or simply need a smile. I try to remember that when I refuse someone in need, it is the same as refusing Jesus something He might ask of me. Also, I strive to actively participate in the needs of my church. I volunteer for days of service and I play the piano in church meetings. I always strive to love my neighbor as myself and love my Savior with all my mind, heart, and soul. I tell the people I love that I love them. I say please and thank you. I never go to bed at odds with my husband or any of my children. I do not engage in gossip and I choose my words so they will not harm another. When I fail, I ask for forgiveness and I forgive others. I thank God through prayer.

What is the Relief Society?

In these times on Earth, when women are greatly subjectified and demeaned in so many ways, my first and most personal important answer is, "The Relief Societ is the means by which women can come to know that they are precious daughters of a loving and merciful Heavenly Father and we have the opportunity, through our own personal works, to return to His presence when we leave Earth and pass through the veil, and dwell with Him forever". "My (our) life/lives have meaning, purpose, and direction. As a Worldwide Sisterhood we are united in our devotion to Jesus Christ, Our Savior Exemplar, and are women of faith virtue, vision, and charity." It is our calling and responsibility to reach out to those in our church, our communities, and all of those on Earth by any means we are able. Some of these examples are caring for the sick and the frail by sitting with them, making sure they are provided with food, warmth, and clothing. We make sure we offer anything they may need, even if it is only a shoulder to cry on or a hand to hold that will help them bear their load. We let them know we love them and will always be there if they require any needful thing. We help our neighboring cities, counties, states, and countries when disaster strikes such as hurricane and tornado relief. We even have world wide service projects, such as making and sending diapers to Kenya, or sending packages of love to our fellow brothers, dads, husbands, and sons who protect and serve our country and freedom Show more Show less