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Hi I'm Joseph

I was raised a Mormon in Montana. I once wandered in a crisis of faith, but I am now proud to say I am back. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I am a married father. I have a 16 year old daughter. I love to spend time with my family. I work in Law Enforcement as a Deputy Sheriff, currently in a County Jail. I love to spend time in the outdoors. I like to camp and hike. I like to play basketball and tennis. I love to work on cars. I find myself searching for cars to fix or tinker with. I fix cars for friends or even the friends of my friends who are in fact complete strangers just so I can have the opportunity to work on a car. I love to go off-road in my truck. Partially because I love to install the upgrades to make my truck more capable off road, and also because I love to overcome the obstacles in the trail. I love it when I am on the top of a mountain and the people on their motorcycles and four-wheelers look at me with wonder in their eyes. You can just tell that they are wondering how I got that truck up this far without damaging it.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I believe that our spiritual life is like climbing up the down-hill escalator. If you stop walking up, it drags you to the bottom. I was born a Mormon. I attended services for all of my childhood, but I never took it too seriously. I never read the Book of Mormon and I never had a real testimony of the Gospel. As a teenager, I did some minor things that I knew were contrary to the Gospel standards. This made me uncomfortable when I went to church. When I turned 18 and left my parents' home, I stopped attending church altogether. I told myself that I could be a good person without the Gospel. Eventually, I examined myself and decided that I did not like who I was and especially who I was becoming. My mind had become corrupted. My desires had become carnal and skewed and were becoming ever more dark. I was afraid that if I continued down the path I was going, I would lose my wife whom I dearly loved. I decided to make a change. I went back to the basics and I read the Book of Mormon for the first time in my life. I prayed to God about it's truth and I received a testimony that the Book of Mormon is true. I spent some time in real prayer and repentance until I received a testimony of the Atonement and that it did in fact cover me. I am a Mormon because I found out that God loves me and wants me to be part of His church regardless of my weaknesses. He wants me as I am and will help me become who I should be.

How I live my faith

Living my faith is a constant battle. We live in a world where the family, honesty, modesty, virtue, and many of the values that I cherish are mocked and sometimes openly attacked. It is hard to walk through this world and remain strong and untainted by the deteriorating values of our society. I am not always successful. I try to pray every morning for the strength to make good choices throughout the day. I try to pray every night and repent for my mistakes. I try to make sure that I read the scriptures daily. I try to remember my Savior in all of my actions. I do my best to attend church every week. I try to fulfill my responsibilities to my family and to God. I try to serve others at every opportunity. I am a very shy and introverted person and typically don't show my feelings to others. Service is a way that I feel comfortable showing my love for those around me. I like to serve my neighbors, friends, and even strangers. I enjoy fixing their cars, shoveling sidewalks, helping them move, and any other opportunities that come my way. I try to forget myself as much as possible because when I think more about myself and my desires, I make more mistakes.I have recently begun to realize how much the world had changed me in my 11 years of inactivity. All of my desires and passions have become corrupted. I hope that my faith in Christ along with my prayers, study, and service to forget myself will be enough to transform these desires into something I can be proud of.