What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Josef.

I'm a father. I'm a world traveler. I'm a CEO. I make seriously delicious stir fry and tasty guacuamole. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

After a career as a US diplomat and business executive moving my poor family 14 times in 15 years, I discovered Arizona and put down roots. In 2010, I founded an English training company that helps connect people around the world to practice English online. Most importantly, I am a husband to a simply amazing woman and the father of three terriffic kids. I tend to revel in being a little different. I find that anything in life is better savored when we can be a little goofy or silly about it. My kids will tell you that their dad is wierd, and they wouldn't have it any other way. Because I travel a lot for work, sometimes to the far reaches of the globe, I have to work a little harder to keep connected with my family at times. I've become pretty adept at videoconferencing with them on the internet, and love to bring back unusual (but tasty) treats from wherever I travel. My family is a source of strength when I am on the road and it is always nice to come home and feel their love again. As a father, it is also nice to see my kids grow up and do the same goofy stuff I enjoy. Once, when I was coming home from an especially long trip overseas, my then three-year-old son met me at the airport wearing a fake nose and glasses. His wry smile under the nylon mustache is a special memory and reminds me of the responsiblity I have as a father to influence my kids by my own good example.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I want to be happy. That may seem a bit simplistic, but when I stop to think about humanity, the world and everything in it, I feel something stir in my soul. It is my deepest voice. It tells me that I was created for something better, something noble, something divine. It reminds me that happiness comes from what I choose to do, and how good choices draw me closer to my creator. As a young man, I seriously wondered if Mormonism was truly the vehicle to represent and carry out God's plan for his creations. I had a lot of friends who thought Mormonism was nuts. Hey, who hasn't heard some crazy rumor about Mormons? The common refrain from society is that Mormons are wierd and out of touch with reality. Was I? I determined to reason and think hard about my faith. Is God real? Did he know me? Why would he reveal himself 2000 years ago and then forsake us? Or, did he reveal himself again as Joseph Smith taught? Is it really crazy to beleive that a God who appeared to ancient prophets, was born to a virgin and then resurrected after his death would continue to appear to men? It seemed to me no crazier than christendom in general, but even that thinking is not enough. I had to know for myself. So I found a place where I could be alone, sat to think, and then asked God if he was there, if he heard my voice and if I mattered to him at all. And from the depths of my soul came a feeling so strong, so powerful and so real. It was a divine answer to a simple question in a sincere prayer. I'm a Mormon because I know God lives; he loves us; and he has a plan for our lasting happiness. Christ is the the center of that plan. He loves us all, regardless of what genes we have or what choices we make. Christ can redeem us and will share his happiness if we choose to follow him.

How I live my faith

Every weekday during the school year, I get out of bed at five a.m. and head out to teach a group of eighteen high school students at a scripture study class that runs for an hour beginning at six a.m. before their first class. Most folks would think I was bonkers to do this every day, but it is a highlight of my mornings. Being a teenager is tough these days. If I can help the kids in my class to survive and thrive in a culture where almost anything goes, then maybe they can withstand the urges of short-term thrills at the expense of long-term pain. So much in the media today emphasizes instant gratification with no thought to the price or consequence of anything in the future. I think that this daily scripture study class also helps young men and women to realize that they are not alone when they try to do what is right. I volunteer in my local congregation to help people looking for a job by doing resume reviews, practicing interview skills, and providing general job search tips. My help isn't limited to Mormon church members. We want to help everyone in the community with no strings attached. Work is such an important part of our sense of self-worth. If I can lift up someone who feels like life has pushed them down, then I know that I am living the principles I beleive in and becomoing more like the master lifter, Jesus Christ. Most of all, I live my faith when I pause from my hectic job, turn off my digital everything, and take some time to enjoy being with my family. Playing a game, putting up the latest kid masterpiece on the fridge and listening to what happened at lunch that day is the most faithful thing I do. It tells my kids that I listen to and answer them, just like I know God hears and answers me. It enables my family to develop eternal bonds of love that will transcend time and keep our family together in the next life too.

What is the priesthood?

The priesthood is the authorty for men in the church to act in Gods name, lead congregations, to perform church ordinances (like baptism) and bless the sick. The priesthood is not a license for men to boss everybody around and tell them what to do. It does not mean that a priesthood holder is his wife's overseer. It is a service organization, created by God and given his authority, to serve the needs of others. In short, the priesthoold is a bunch of guys who accept a holy calling to dedicate their lives to helping others come unto Christ. It should always be 100% selfless in nature and helps those who use it correctly to become an equal partner in marriage with their wife and bless the lives of their children. Show more Show less