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Hi I'm KIm

I grew up near Portland, Oregon and then moved to Cleveland, Ohio for twelve years before moving to Houston, Texas. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in a big family with two older siblings and five younger siblings. Growing up I enjoyed basketball, ping pong and tennis. I graduated from a small high school about 25 miles west of Portland. I served a church mission to Santiago Chile in the late 1970's and then married my sweetheart in the early 1980's. I took my time getting focused on earning a college degree and finally completed my bachelor's in business administration in 1991. Soon thereafter I began working for my current employer, Intel Corp., in Beaverton and Hillsboro, Oregon. My wife and I have been married for 30 years now and we love spending time with our five grown children, 4 daughters and 1 son, who are all now married, except for our youngest daughter who is a sophomore at college in faraway Idaho. We also really enjoy our six grandchildren ranging from 7 years to 1 month. Exactly 20 years to the month from when I graduated with my undergraduate degree, I completed an MBA degree here in Houston.

Why I am a Mormon

So, on the surface I imagine most people would say I am a Latter-day Saint (Mormon) because that is how I was raised, which is actually mostly accurate. But I think today it is relatively safe to say that there seem to be more people who were raised in one religion and now are no longer involved in that same faith than those, like me, who were raised in one faith and are still involved in that same faith. In other words, I don't think me being raised as a Latter-day Saint really adequately explains why I'm a Mormon, especially not for me. I well remember a watershed moment for me when I was 19 years old and working at Hank's Thriftway grocery store in the produce department in order to earn money to pay for my upcoming two year mission to the wonderful people of Santiago Chile. As I contemplated what I was about to be doing, sharing my witness of God and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a people in a foreign land where I would be the foreigner, I quickly realized that how I was raised was not going to be enough. I needed to know for myself that what I believed and knew to be true was really true and of God and from God. So I embarked upon the same path that I would soon be asking the Chilean people to consider in order to know from God whether my message and witness as a Latter-day Saint missionary was true or no. Days of study and prayer turned into weeks which then turned into several months...in fact, so much time passed as I pursued my desire and efforts to know for myself the truth that I had already completed my two months of intense Spanish language missionary training and had served about one full month in the town of Puente Alto in Chile...before I received a sacred and life changing answer to my prayers...that what I was doing and teaching and witnessing was and is true.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by volunteering my time by serving in my local ward (congregation), most recently I served for over two years as the president of the Sunday School, overseeing the teachers and librarians and other resources required to help make Sunday School a meaningful component of worship to those attending each Sunday. I really enjoy teaching the youth, who I feel often have their faith confronted and challenged in very difficult and even explicit ways at school etc., that is far worse than when I was a youth. I really push myself to help them find ways to relate the material being taught out of the holy scriptures to their life and current situation. I also enjoy the opportunity to spend time helping the missionaries as they share the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who are interested in my local area.

What is faith?

Faith is fundamental to everything we know and understand in life, not just in religion, but in everything we do and experience. Think about how faith operates, for example, in just the first 10 minutes of each new day in your life. You wake up from your night's sleep and immediately faith is what will determine whether you get up or not. How? Because if don't believe (faith) that you will be able to drive to work that morning without having a car accident, then your faith will leave you laying in bed (unless your faith to do something else is present). Likewise, nothing can be learned in religion without our exercising faith in God. Of course, many people do not have faith in God. If all we can do is muster just a small particle of desire to want to have faith in God, just a tiny wanting (I'm not talking about a tiny bit of faith, but just a grain of desire to have faith), then the door is opened by us to allow God to let this desire work within us until it begins to form the beginnings of faith…for God will force no man or woman to heaven…Christ stands at the door and knocks, but He will not enter unless or until we open the door and invite Him in. So it is with our individual faith in God or lack thereof. We must exercise faith in God or at least exercise a small desire to have faith in God before God will manifest Himself in our lives (these manifestations then become the fruit of our labors from exercising faith in God, which causes our faith to grow stronger...). Show more Show less