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Hi I'm Shazza

I'm a child of God, mum of 9, have bipolar and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a mum who is rediscovering the me that got lost with marriage and family life. Would love to try sky diving, bungee jumping, love trampolines and wish I could fly. Enjoy being a mother and friend to my children. Love being creative, and when the season is right, I'd love to get my teachers degree, serve a couple mission with my hubby and see the wonders of the world! Interested in seeing my children find their purpose for being here during this time in life, and excited to be a woman. Love relearning and learning new and old things that rattle my brain. Am coping with the challenge of being a very late diagnosed Bipolar sufferer and am surviving! I recognize it can be turned into my strengths. Fascinated with good books and hope my posterity will enjoy my journals just as much as I did in keeping them. Absolute fan of my SavoirSavoir Jesus Christ am glad to still be alive today.

Why I am a Mormon

We are beings that are "becoming" something whether we choose it or not. I chose to know for myself, and asked God to prove to me if He was there and He replied. I chose to live life in a church that is living and growing because its the only happiness that has been real. I love the fact that I can put everything they teach to the test and be proven over and over again that God keeps his promises, and is alive and leading his saints in these days. Besides I've see what the world has to offer and its the opposite of happiness. I love that by following my Savior in his teachings I can receive guidance &revelation AND because of it; my family can be together forever, that death is but a doorway. The fact that my husband can give blessings as Christ did to our family when needed and be Christ's hands to others is another true living reason I'm a Mormon. There is nothing more wonderful than knowing that all the answers in life can be found in truth and in true religion. It rocks having all the opportunities in His church for growth, and that we are all equal, that there is purpose, that marriage is not just here and now but eternal. That becoming a better person for not just yourself, but for the whole of my generations to come has rewards that reach into Gods purposes and goals for us all, which is "to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man"

How I live my faith

I practice my faith by allowing myself the agency to use the principles I've learn't. One of the principles I truly believe in is the family proclamation which declares that parents are to teach their children and have a solemn duty to rear them with a mother and father. This is one of the reasons I chose to home teach my children and have the greatest influence on them, when it counts most in their lives. Every day I get to live my faith in repenting daily and learning to forgive others and self. Daily living faith by being honest when given too much change at the stores, returning lost property and the small things that others may not see but count towards having a change of heart. Just by smiling and knowing when to stand for right in using wisdom I am living what I know is true. Just choosing to stay alive and try is how I live my faith when I am in the depths of my mental illness, and would rather not exist...it is faith alone that has kept me here and my absolute belief that I am never and not alone during those times.

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

Personally, I find mormon women look no different to the lady standing by you in the grocery line, or your neighbour next door. They are have human tendancies just as any other women on earth to make mistakes, have failures and successess, laugh cry and have a sense of humor. What is noticably different or stands out is their ability to keep on moving with hope and heart through life's up's and downs. They are women of strong value's, who desire to be better every day they live, and hope the same for their children. They are intelligent and leaders where it counts the most "at home" where it proves true that "The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world". There is nothing more appealing than a women, who knows that her worth is in her 'knowing who she really is', and not in the worlds approval of what the 'ideal women' should look, talk and do. Like most christian women, a mormon woman reflects in her nature, where her ideals and committments lie, which are almost always to her God, her family and the eternity's. Show more Show less