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Hi I'm Kerry

I'm an engineer. Science has taught me of the world. And faith has taught me of God, and of happiness. And so, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Science has intrigued me since my youth, as has history, philosophy, culture, and the beliefs of others. I believe in life-long learning. I won't stop studying and learning new things until the day I die. As important as learning is to me, faith and family are of the greatest importance to me. Happiness is found by working through our differences with others, and finding common ground to resolve the difficulties that life presents. Joy is built when have faith in our creator and trust in His guidance that He gives. Obstacles are rarely removed from our path, but through faith we are strengthened to overcome. I also enjoy the outdoors and physical activity. Walking through the fields, hiking in the woods, biking down the trail, and skiing down the mountain all bring a sense of peace and awe at the world that we live in. These activities become even more meaningful to me when I share and experience them with my family. I earned a BS in engineering and also studied many subjects in the liberal arts. Twenty years later, I returned to school to earn a masters in engineering. I love my work, but I don't live to work. I work to live. My favorite time of the day is coming home and spending the evening with my wife and children, regardless of the activities we may do.

Why I am a Mormon

My mother was a Mormon when I was growing up. But I did not take the faith of my youth for granted. I studied the faith of others as well as my own. Where others found conflict, I found similarities as well as the differing perspectives on what our purpose is in life. I have found a lot of good in the various Christian faiths (Baptists, Methodists, Catholics, Evangelicals, etc) as well as in Islam, Buddhism, and Taoism. I know that God loves us. I believe that He has revealed truth to His children at different historical times to the extent that the societies were able to accept truth. That is why concepts such as honesty, fidelity in marriage, kindness, and reaching out to others are found so diversely through out the world among all faiths and cultures. I also believe in the need for a Savior, which is why I am Christian. As hard as even the best of us try, none of us (but Christ) have been perfect. We have all sinned. But God also loves us, and so He sent His Son to die for us. Christ paid for our sins through His atonement. And by His grace we are saved. We could not possibly do it on our own. And Christ's grace does not absolve us from being responsible and doing our best. Though Christ's grace covers us where we all fall short, I believe we are expected to do all that we can. This is why there is repentance. We signal that we accept Christ as our Savior not just by simple words that we accept Him, but also by taking action. As James noted, Faith without works is dead. Without repenting of our sins and constantly striving to do better, Christ's grace will not extend to us. My understanding of the importance of both grace and of works from the bible is one reason why I have remained in the faith of my childhood. Studying the faith of others has helped me develop a deep respect and understanding for others and their perspective. But I believe the fulness of God's truth (to the extent He has revealed it to man) is found in the Mormon faith.

How I live my faith

There are many ways that I try to live my faith. First is by making my own family priority number one. Christ taught us to love one another. And the first set of people we meet in trying to practice love is our own families. If we by-pass them or neglect them, or put them on the back burner while trying to love and serve others, we have already failed. This is a balancing act. Because we do need to work to provide for our families. We do need to take time for ourselves in order to be healthy mentally and physically for our families. We do need to serve others outside of our families. But I strive to keep the well being of my wife and children in mind with all that I do. Frequent prayer is another way I try to live my faith. I seek God's guidance in making wise decisions. I seek His help by bringing to Him my short comings, and seeking to know where I fall short. I seek His mercy in repentance. I seek His direction in serving others inside and out of my family. History influences how I try to live my faith. In the 1800's members of my faith were despised, beaten, killed, and driven across 2/3 of the United States. Most of this persecution was carried out by people who considered themselves Christians. In opposition to this, I seek to do as Christ did. Christ ate with the publicans. He healed the son of a Roman soldier who was likely a pagan. He gave the parable of the good Samaritan. Christ never persecuted, nor did he tear down the beliefs of others. But Christ took the good that people already had, and built upon that. So in taking Christ's name on myself, I seek to do likewise. I do not tear down others beliefs. Instead I seek to understand their beliefs. I find the good in them. And I share with them the good that Christ has brought to me in the hope it may be added onto the good they already have.

What is the Law of Chastity?

Heavenly Father wants all of His children to grow up in a stable environment where they have the best chance to learn how they should live their lives. Therefore, families and their importance are attacked from many angles by the adversary. If families can be destroyed or handicapped, the adversary has a greater chance to deceive and lead astray those who are affected. One of the angles the adversary uses to attack families is to trivialize or attack the sacred nature of procreation. Procreation can naturally occur only between a man and woman. And a stable environment for the children who are thus created is best achieved by a man and woman working together, with respect for each other, and with their family being the highest priority in their lives. So, the Law of Chastity was given by God to help preserve families, and the sacredness of procreation. The Law of Chastity is that sexual relations should only occur between a man and woman who are legally married. Sexual relations should not occur before marriage, nor should they occur with someone other than one's spouse. No one but Christ is perfect. So no marriage is perfect. But every marriage based on mutual respect, love, and sacrifice not only provides joy for the husband and wife, but also provides the environment needed for children to grow up with the love and security they need. As a consequence, when we obey the Law of Chastity, our lives and the lives of all in our families are deeply blessed. Show more Show less