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Hi I'm Sharon

i see the glass as being mostly full. i'm crazy in love with my husband and kids. i'm happy. i'm hopeful. i'm a mormon.

About Me

i was born and raised in australia by a big, loud, loving irish family. at the age of 22, i left australia and traveled to the united states for a years visit...but, 1 husband, 4 children, and 27 years later i find myself, very happily, still here! i love my life in america; however, it should be noted that i am, and forever will be, an aussie at heart! i am married to a wonderful man, who - when my plans don't exactly pan out - manages to keep the i-told-you-so's to a minimum! i love him for that. i have two daughters, a daughter-in-law, and two sons, who i am not only madly in love with, but who i really, really like! while they've kept me on my toes - and my knees many a time - i'm so grateful we genuinely enjoy each other's company. my kids make me happy! and by thanksgiving 2014, i'll be a grandmother. life is good.

Why I am a Mormon

i am a life long member of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints. i was born and raised in the gospel by parents who converted to the mormon church before i was born. up until my late teens, my honest answer to the question of why i'm a mormon would probably have been something like... "because my parents are." fast forward a decade or two, and the more appropriate question is, why am i STILL a mormon? my response, without hesitation, is..."because i choose to be." i am still a mormon because i know god lives, and hears and answers my prayers; because i know the teachings of this gospel are true - they give me peace, make me happy and bring me joy. i'm still a mormon because i know christ lives, and that through this church of jesus christ i am taught the principles he wishes me to live. i'm still a mormon because i have felt the spirit of the lord beside me amid the challenges of life, and because living the principles of this gospel has blessed the lives of my children; it keeps them safe, gives them purpose, and strengthens their spirits. i am still a mormon, not because i know no different...but because i do. growing up in australia, the membership of the church was relatively small compared to the size of the nation. mormon neighbors were few; i was one of only a handful of mormon kids in grade school, and the only female member my age all the way through high school - all my friends were non-members. as mormons we're counseled to be "in the world, but not of the world" - but i'm not naive; i listen to the news and watch tv, i go to the movies and i read the magazines. i'm at the mall and in the stores. i even work at a local junior high. i'm out there, and i see the questionable choices people make every day...even by the world's standard. this gospel provides a refuge from the ills of the world; it offers a hope found nowhere else. i am still a mormon because this eternal gospel blesses my life, and i know it's teachings to be true.

How I live my faith

the mormon faith is not just a religion, but a way of life - 24/7! it's not just about where we spend our sundays; how we live our lives the other six days of the week is equally important. as simplistic as it may sound, i try and live my faith daily by just being a good person. i'm friendly, outgoing, and easy to get along with. it's important to me that i be an example of what i believe through not only my words, actions and dress, but by my acceptance of others. we're all from different walks of life - even members of the church come from a wide variety of backgrounds; i remind myself that while there are many who do not understand the things that i do, or choose to believe them, each of us are sons and daughters of god, and he loves each one of us. i try to do the same. i hope that through my example, i might change someone's negative perception about who and what mormons are, and that they'll come to see us, as a people and as a christian religion, in a more positive light. one of my greatest desires is to live a life, to live my faith, in such a way, that it will peak another's interest and be a positive influence in their desire to know our savior, jesus christ, and our heavenly father better - to feel their love the way i do.

What do Mormons believe about the Bible? Do they regard it as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

we believe that while the bible was divinely written by ancient prophets, reading it can still bless our modern lives. part of the mormon faith is to seek after those things that are "virtuous, lovely, or of good report". in a world where there is so much chaos and contention, we are, like many, constantly seeking after those things that will help sustain our minds, our hearts and our spirits during this earthly life. the bible is one of those things of "good report" - the teachings and council we receive through reading and acting upon what we read in the bible can bless our lives. as we learn more about the life of christ, as we choose to follow his many examples of love and service, we can only better ourselves and the lives of those we lovingly serve. Show more Show less