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Hi I'm ginger

I'm a Mormon. I used to feel an emptyiness, no matter what I did I could not fill it, but no longer. I joined the church in 1986

About Me

I am a simple person really. All I ever wanted was a family and to be a wife and mother. I grew up in a very emotionally unhealthy and unstable family. As I look back on the things in my life,and find where I am now. I realize everything happens for a reason. this does not always make it easier to live with but it does help me to see the big picture in my life. I was 24 yrs old when i found my Mormon church and joined.The church has also helped me to overcome many of the problems I have had in my life. I learned to be a mother and a wife and a healthy women in our lady's meeting in church called relief society. I am very curious and if have had some very huge and deep questions but I have found my new faith and church and scriptures and last but not least personal revelation has answered them. Grewing up I never questioned if there was a God. I was taught Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ where real and loving and kind. I also was taught to pray and that prayers could be answered. Being a methodist ministers daughter was not always easy. The hardest part for me was not having knowledge of things pertaining to Heavenly father and the kingdom of God. the answer was oh someday you will understand, or we are not meant to understand things. My family and parents where happy and healthy and had a great marraige until my dad got a horrible disease. which almost destroyed our family. I am a wife, lpn nurse, i paint. sew, can. make jewelry, three grown kids one two

Why I am a Mormon

the year I was born the doctors discovered my dad had cushin syndrom he was 38. Very little was known about the disease and my dad being the good man he was given one yr to live he choose to volunteered to be experiemented on to help the doctors find cures etc. for other people. my dad went from a healthy great husband and dad, to one that is hard to discribe. My mom kicked him out of the house when i was seven yrs old with good reason. Dad was retired from being a minister due to his illness, kicked out of the military reserves and fired from teaching jobs every yr. Mom did the best she could at holding our family together. or i should say what was left of it. on thier 25th wedding aniversary dad called and begged my mom to let him come home mom refused he threatened to kill himself. my mom after hearing it for yrs said go ahead. he did. I was eight yrs old. I was not allowed to go to his funeral to this day i have not seen his grave. long story. . everyone in school knew about what my dad did and everyone would say oh i am so sorry. but he was a minister and he knew he will burn in hell forever. I could not believe a loving kind Heavenly father would send my dad to hell for eternity. when i was 9 my dad came to be in a vision and he said please forgive me. i knew not what i had done. I have found the truth and excepted it and he repeated three times to keep my family together. he asked me to help my mom to forgive him. he left. that is when i began to look for a church which could answer my questions and which teachs as Jesus Christ did in the new testament. i went to every church I could find and learned of thier teachings. i found the mormon church when i was 24 yrs old and I jioned it. since that time i have done a huge amount of genealogy. i know with every fiber of being in my body that Jesus Christ is our savior he lives and is the head of the mormon church and lead it with prophets. the book of mormon is the word of God.

How I live my faith

i live my faith be trying always to be a good example to my family, friends and people i have worked with in the past. I live the religion i have come to love and respect. it has taught me how to be a better person ,wife and mother. When I was working 18 yrs as a matter of fact, i worked many graveyard shifts so I could go to church on sundays. everyone would ask my why I did not drink coffie and also how could i stay awake. living my religion I would tell them. I feel a peace that i never had until I jioned the church. I go to church almost every sunday I stay through all three meetings. I have four children three older kids who have left home a few yrs ago and now my hubby and i have a 2 yr old adopted daughter. i do genealogy and have worked in three differnt family history centers. i got the one in our branch started several yrs ago. i now am a assistant in the library. i always try to dress modest. i do not smoke,drink alcohol, coffie or tea and i am grateful for the teaching of this church.

Are Mormons Christians?

I have had many people tell me I am not a Christian because my church does not believe in Jesus Christ. first our church is named The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. second when we become a member we are baptisted in Jesus Christ name. third we take sacrament "holy communion" to remember the promises we have made at baptism, to remember and try our best to live as he did and keep the commandments he gave us in the holy scriptures bible and book of mormon. we do this in Jesus Christ name almost every sunday... fourth every prayer, every testamonie every talk given in our church is said in Jesus Christ name. fifth our children and we are taught that Jesus Christ is the only savior of the world and only through this sacrafic of his life and death can we be saved in the kingdom of God. I know that Jesus Christ is my personal savior. i know he lived and he died for all of Heavenlthy Fathers children. I know he was resurrected and he lives...this church has taught me more about him then i have learned on my own and more i could have learned or have learned elsewhere. Show more Show less

Why do Mormons perform proxy baptisms in their temples?

to me it made since, why because i was the first in my family to join the church you can call me a modern day pioneer. but i come from a long line of religious and good honest people who never heard about the church. why should they and everyone else who never got a chance to learn about Jesus Christ and the church not be given a chance to to join the church. or be saved in the kingdon of God. to me Heavenlthy Father and Jesus Christ are merciful, loving and kind. so why would they deny anyone from entering Heaven just because they have not be baptized or even heard about Jesus Christ and his teachings. the bible teachs us in luke that unless a man is born of the water and of the spirit he can not be let into the kingdom of God. so we know babtize is very important. Jesus Christ being perfect was baptized and not just by anyone but by john the baptist who had authorty from God the Father. So why would it be any different for us in this day. I am so grateful that Jesus Christ our savoir and Heavenlthy Fahter gave everyone a chance to expect the gospel even when we have not heard it or been converted to it here on this earth. so many people who have been good people have died with no knowledge and i am so grateful a way is profided that all Heavenly Fathers children are given an equal chance to excpet it. we stand in place of a person who has passed why because it is law given to do so, but you need a body to do it. Show more Show less