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Hi I'm Joseph Vang

I am a Hmong American. I love road biking, guitars, volleyball, and I'm a Mormon!

About Me

Kuv yog Hmoob! (I am Hmong). Hmong is my ethnicity, a type of Asian. We don't have a country but we are from the mountains of Laos, Thailand and Northern Vietnam. I love my FAMILY. I am the oldest of seven children. There are four boys and three girls. I love all sorts of sports, especially ROAD BIKING and VOLLEYBALL. Since being in college, I've picked up the sport of road biking and I love it, especially riding through the canyons just east of Utah Valley. In high school, I played setter on our varsity volleyball team and it was a great experience. I love to play the GUITAR (mostly acoustic and classical). Aside from playing the guitar, I love to listen to MUSIC. I've listened to things from hip hop and r&b to acoustics, to country, to alternative, to metal, to traditional Hmong music, etc. Coldplay, Secondhand Serenade, Chris Daughtry, Colbie Caillat... that's all good stuff and much more! I also like cars (1998 TOYOTA SUPRA 2JZ-GTE for the win), dancing, and just relaxing with the friends. I like to have fun and I like to remember who I am. Many things make up who I am but I can say that my relationship with my Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ is the biggest and most important part of me!

Why I am a Mormon

I was fortunate enough to be born into the church. My parents in the late 70's were teenage refugee's of the Vietnam War. My dad's family came to America around 1980 and investigated the church and became members. My mother was investigating the church as well and was baptized when my parents were married. Therefore I was born into the church. Throughout my life I've been able to attend church, talk to friends from other religious groups and learned about different churches and ideals. I love this Gospel of Jesus Christ that has been restored to us through the prophet Joseph Smith. I used to say that I know this church is true because of the blessings I've received from being a part of it. Then as I grew up, I saw that many people inside AND outside of the church struggled so much. I then had to read the Book of Mormon and ask my Heavenly Father if these things were true despite all the bad things that happen to good people. Through the Spirit I have received a witness that this is His church and we can learn and grow so much from it. That feeling of the Holy Spirit is indeniable and so powerful! I know my Savior loves me. I'm so happy that my family is part of it as well. Through the blessings that our Heavenly Father wants to give us, we can be together forever. I invite all to learn more and read the Book of Mormon and ask our Heavenly Father for an answer. I know He will answer you and you will be so blessed from seeking for the truth. I myself still strive and search to become better and closer to my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. As I've tried to do that, I've received countless blessings! The Gospel is just so beautiful!

How I live my faith

Throughout my life I've attended a Hmong Ward, meaning on Sundays at church, there is a group of Hmong Latter Day Saint members and the whole service is in Hmong. Although I speak English fluently, in this family ward, I am able to learn the Gospel as well as speak my native language. At church, I've been able to help and plan youth activities such as camping trips, visits to college campuses, fundraisers, plays, skits, scout outings, dances, and many more things. Outside of church on Sundays, I live my faith to the best I can. At school, all my friends know that I am a member of this church and I've chosen to live a certain way and act a certain way. I don't smoke or drink amongst many other things and my friends respect me for it. Also, I do my best to not offend anyone and respect everyone for their own beliefs and ways of life. My standards from church has helped me become a better person and I continually strive to be more Christlike. In doing so, I hope that the light I have can radiate to those around me and that I will be able to share this light with them. I love to do my best to live in a way that those not knowing the Savior will want to know Him because they know me. There have been great experiences where I've been able to invite friends from school or work to visit the church with me, and despite their challenges, they were able to feel better and have more direction in life through those visits. I live my faith every minute of my life and it's blessed me so much from doing so!

What is the First Vision?

Joseph Vang
The First Vision is when the boy Joseph Smith received and answer to his prayer to find truth. It is how we know that Heavenly Father lives. That Jesus Christ is our Savior. That they are separate beings and Joseph Smith saw them both. Through that experience, the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored. The Book of Mormon is physical evidence you can read and ask God to know if the First Vision really happened. This vision brings so much truth and power and has blessed my life! Show more Show less