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Hi I'm Cortney

I'm a mother of three adorable boys, a musician, and an author of young adult novels. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I've been married to my awesome husband for almost ten years (crazy!). In between chasing after three beautiful, rambunctious boys who love Mario and Star Wars and Legos, I teach clarinet and piano lessons, and I write. I love to read. I love all things pink and sparkly. I love dancing around the room and goofing off with my sons. And writing is my passion. I write every chance I can get--young adult novels mostly, because those are my favorites to read! I love to be a mother, I love the simplicity my young sons require, and though it's sometimes a challenge, motherhood is never dull! Motherhood, music and writing bring joy and a sense of accomplishment to my life.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born and raised in the LDS (Mormon) church, but the reason I'm a Mormon boils down to one thing--I am a Mormon because I prayed and the Lord answered my prayers. I read the Book of Mormon and asked the Lord if it was true, and through His spirit, He told me it was. I asked the Lord if Joseph Smith was a true prophet, and in my heart I received conviction of that before I even finished my prayer. It was almost as if the Lord said, "What are you asking for, you already know it!" I know Christ lives, that He gave His life for me and has provided a way for me (and all of us) to return to live with Him again. In a world where things get so muddled and people seem to be so confused as to what's really important, the Savior is my focal point. He is my reason, the perfect example. I've felt His love in my heart even when things don't go exactly the way I think they should. I've read the scriptures, I've listened to our prophets and apostles, and I've felt my heart swell with such conviction that I could never deny it. My parents were divorced when I was seven, and it really crushed me during my teenage years especially. But one thing was always a comfort--while my father wasn't around, my Heavenly Father was. I knew I could pray to Him anytime, anywhere, and that He would hear me and through His spirit, comfort me.

How I live my faith

Aside from reading my scriptures daily, a major way I live my faith is at church on Sunday. I teach the children of the church. The kids go to a segment called Primary, where we have special music just for them, with the concepts simplified for them to understand. The messages of these songs are so simple, so beautiful. Things like, "I am a child of God," and "I lived in heaven a long time ago, it is true." Before singing time, I teach sharing time, switching off each week with other members of the Primary presidency. I love to work with the kids! I get to use fun, spiritual ways to teach gospel principles and help them develop their own testimonies, help them learn who they really are and what really matters in their lives. How to make good choices. To love the scriptures and the Savior like I do.

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

As a Mormon woman, I can definitely say, Mormon women are fantastic! We are mainly responsible for raising our kids, for teaching them the gospel and helping them be strong, beneficial individuals in society--and believe me, there's no greater or more important job! My husband and I know our roles--the roles given by Heavenly Father through inspiration to our modern day Apostles--and we work together as equal partners. I get to stay at home and raise our beautiful boys while my husband is able to provide for our family. We work together when it comes to disciplining our kids--we have each other's backs. If Mommy says no, so does Daddy, that kind of thing. While my husband enjoys fishing, I also have hobbies and goals, things I enjoy pursuing like my writing, and my husband is so supportive in that, as well as watching the kids for me so I can play in our community orchestra. Mormons totally believe in the equality of men and women! Show more Show less

How can I know Mormonism is true?

I know God hears and answers prayers. If you're wondering about anything at all, any principle you may have heard about or just Mormonism in general, it's good to study along with prayer. Read the Book of Mormon, talk to the missionaries. Find things out for yourself, because we are all about truth. And if you go to a quiet place--your room, even your car--and sincerely ask Heavenly Father if what you've been reading or learning is true, if you listen with your heart for warm feelings or feel your heart sort of swell, that's your answer from the Holy Ghost. Sometimes, if as you've read you've felt peace or comfort or warmth in your heart, that's also the Holy Ghost telling you it's true. God is there. He will hear you, and if you listen, He will answer your prayer. A good scripture to check out is in the Book of Mormon, Moroni 10, verses 4 and 5. Show more Show less