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Hi I'm Laurelei

I'm Mormon raised in New Jersey. I think of myself as "first generation returned-to-where-we-started".

About Me

I loved growing up outside New York City. I had many friends outside of my church, and a bunch inside. I loved the variety of people a city on the east coast has to offer, and try to get back as often as I can. I'm a Mom in Denver now. I teach Math at the local high school as a sub when they need me. It has been a great way to know how my three boys were doing in school. I've graduated two, and the last has a couple of years left. I'm a huge advocate of education, and tutor anyone who asks without a fee. I can't say enough to encourage anyone, adults included, to continue learning. I went back to school when my youngest began first grade and have loved it. There is so much to absorb. Plus, I know that the knowledge I gain here is one of the few things I get to bring with me after death. I also love to run, swim, hike and be active daily. I truly believe that caring for your body by asking it to work is a way to make life better. Physical activity aids mental health and ability as well as improving the function of our immune system. I'm nearly 50 now, but I expect to be here for quite awhile, so I would like to make all my years healthy and active. I also love to create. I'm not much of an artist, but I crochet, quilt and sew. There is something about bringing a project from mental conception to finished product that is like no other. Perhaps it is just one of the ways we get to use the touch of divinity we carry with us.

Why I am a Mormon

I believe. The Book of Mormon is unique, and frankly couldn't have been written by Joseph Smith. He didn't have the education. This book is certainly the easiest point of doctrine for me to point to, because it is so glaringly "there". Everyone has to decide how they feel about the Book of Mormon at some point. Those who never read it, and make their decision based on second-hand knowledge rob themselves of a personal experience that can change their lives. After someone has read it and prayed about it, then I'll tell them about a form of poetry in the Old Testament called chiasm which is all through the Book of Mormon. I have had so many prayers answered. I know when I pray that I am talking with my Heavenly Father. The Holy Ghost is real. Learning to communicate with God and hear his answers is like learning to use a sense you didn't know you had. The best people I know are members of the church. It has always been that way for me. My Dad is not a believer, but Mom was. Church was full of wonderful role models. Senior execs from NYC doing whatever needed doing at church and in the neighborhood. People dealing with very real problems, but finding the tools within the gospel to not be overcome by those problems. Even as a child those differences were clear to me. Everything makes sense to me. The understanding the gospel brings, particularly of the plan of salvation, is wonderful. I love the scriptures, and find joy in their clarity.

How I live my faith

At my age, I've served in many different ways in the church. One of the joys of a lay clergy is being asked to do many things you never expected to do. I'm convinced this is God's way of helping us to grow and develop compassion for others. (We don't get overly critical when we know it could be our turn next. We try to help everyone in their callings.) Personally, I like to find ways of living the gospel that may not be obvious. I consider my tutoring one of my contributions to make the world better. I try to use my personal resources to help others, particularly to fund education, whenever I can. I try to be the best neighbor I can be to those I live close to. I love my family and would never undermine it in any way. I try to teach the gospel inside and outside the church. I study the gospel regularly myself, and when I find an insight I will share it if an opportunity arises. I try to ask Heavenly Father to use me to serve others and look for those chances. I consider myself a real disciple of Christ, studying his teachings, and trying to emulate him in our modern world. I believe in modesty is dress. I believe the best way to be happy is to obey Christ's commandments, including fidelity in marriage and purity before. Seriously old-fashioned by today's standards, but still the only way Christ would approve. Even in the New York metro area, it is possible to grow up with these values. I believe that God takes into consideration the sum of a person's life. I try to accept people for who they are at the moment. I don't know their past, and can't judge it properly even if I did. Everyone begins at a different starting point. I like to think that members of the church come in lots of different "flavors". Unity of heart doesn't translate to unity of opinion, or action or forced conformity. Communicating love to by brothers and sisters should be my highest priority.